Monday, September 22, 2008

One last fashionate affair

Back from Scotland and I've never been more grateful for 4 days away from the madness... Yes, I will be hating it tomorrow when I'm more stressed because of the loss of those 4 days but it was so worth it. For now, I'll leave you with my most recent and final London museum adventure.

The Barbican had an absolutely amazing display on the 15 year history of Dutch fashion design team Viktor & Rolf. It was truly stunning. I almost hesitate to call them fashion designers because they are so much more than that. A Viktor & Rolf fashion show is more like performance art. They are true visionaries and artists...

(Although I have to admit, the doll's faces on all the mannequins kind of freaked me out.)


bethmorrissey said...

Ooh, this looks awesome!

Alice said...

Gorgeous clothes. Scary faces. Hope you enjoy your remaining time in London.