Thursday, September 11, 2008

We've got the right stuff

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a few happenings to report on.  First, the stellar weekend...

Unfortunately, this section will be officially photo-less.  I very lazily didn't take any pictures and I just received the ones Suze emailed me and I guarantee you that they will NEVER EVER see the light of day again.  

Saturday morning, Suze awoke very early (after a torturous and much delayed flight the night before which ended in lost luggage) to drive down from Cheshire for a little leaving lunch for me and Andrea, lovingly organized by Caitlin.  We camped out in a little Lebanese restaurant for hours, laughing loudly (as Americans and Australians are wont to do...) and telling tales and generally merry-making.  Suze and I went back to Richmond (With what was supposed to be a quick pitstop for a manicure, but turned into a grooming marathon for Suze, who finally figured out how to be a real girl.) to prepare for the evening's festivities.  Jason plied us with drink and I used my A-list connections to get us into a packed restaurant.  My A-list connections also sent over copious amounts of free booze so we were all well on our way by the time dessert rolled around.  

Then it was back to the flat for a "friendly" round of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition.  (Longtime readers will recall how much I f**king RULE at this game.)  I say "friendly", but the truth is that after several homemade vodka tonics, Suze and I were pretty much consistently yelling "Pie me, bitch!" at poor Jason.  

We took a quick break to exchange some super-awesome gifts... a little wedding present for Suze (and Phil) from us and a lovely box of duty-free chocolate cigars and a cookie with something in undecipherable German written on it from Suze to express her gratitude for us letting her sleep in our extra closet.  The only problem was that in all the pre-move shuffling and selling off of our stuff, I had mislaid the wedding card I got for the happy couple.  So I proceeded to rip a page out of my notebook, grab a sharpie and make my very own homemade card. To best express my level of boozed-upness, here is what I wrote inside:  "Hope your wedding isn't shitty!"  We laughed long and hard.  

Back to the game...  Long story short, I was in the lead but randomly passed out mid-turn.  I'm convinced that Jason put something in my drink.

And finally, the hilarious Monday...

Andrea had emailed me last week to ask if I would be interested in going to HMV with her to see New Kids on the Block. My response was something like "Oh SNAP!  I'm so there!"  And so we were.  We arrived at 8:00 since we knew they were supposed to be giving out the wristbands for the signing starting at 9:00.  Even though we had heard some girls were freaking camping out (seriously?), we figured we still had a pretty good chance if we got there at 8:00...  

Jason called me from Sweden at about 7:00 and couldn't believe it when I told him I was walking to the tube.  I told him about the girls camping and said "What kind of a loser do you have to be to be camping out for New Kids..." He interrupted me and was all "Ummm, hello?" to which I replied "Let me finish!  ...for New Kids at this age???  I mean, hello, we are OLD now!"  (Because umm, fair enough, I was 12 once and there may have been some rolling out of bed in the middle of the night and shaking my dad awake to ask him to please go with me to get in line for tickets.  Which he did.)

Well, we got there at 8:00 and lo and behold, wouldn't you know they had already given out the 300 wristbands because they already had well more than 300 people in the queue at 7:00 that morning and they had to get them off the street in front of the store.  So we went for breakfast and coffee and made fun of all the losers who had camped out and generally passed the time until we decided it was safe to go back to HMV and loiter around, waiting for the performance.  We ended up waiting in the Pop/Rock section "F" and had a whale of a time realizing just how many bands there were that started with "F" that we had never once heard of.  Well, that and gaping at all the craziness around us.  

Some of these gals.... how do I put this nicely?  Were freaks.  Clearly of the "obsessed" variety.  I wonder how many of them still have a NKOTB poster or twenty pinned to their bedroom walls.  Or how many still sleep on NKOTB sheets (yes, they exist and yes, I'm pretty sure I had them) or in their Joey-Joe nightshirt (again, yes and yes over here).  Not to mention that many of them had certainly "dressed up" for the occasion.  Boobs pushed up to their chins.  More glitter and sequins than should ever see the afternoon sun.  Enough face paint to supply Bob Ross with a lifetime of happy trees.

With no shortage of entertainment, the time passed fairly quickly and finally the New Kids took the stage.

 And they were..... actually good!  I was honestly surprised.  Donnie does a good bit more singing now and I really like his voice - nice and gravelly.  And Joe still has those Broadway stage pipes.  

At least now I know what kind of nutcase I must have looked like when I was 12 and screaming at the top of my lungs.  Except less cleavage-y.

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Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

Can't type a response to this - I don't want to break a nail!
Seriously though, you're forgetting a VERY important competition that preceded the dinner. Don't worry, I'll capture it on my blog... :)