Monday, October 13, 2008

I am unable to think of a pronoun-based pun that rhymes with Lexus

Car number two is officially ours. We decided on a Lexus SUV and I have to tell you that if you ever need a little boost, take yourself down to a Lexus dealership. You will be offered all sorts of goodies before you even buy anything. But then, once you pull the trigger, that's when the big guns come out. Namely, a big ol' basket of chocolate goodies.  A branded chocolate bar, anyone?

The best part was when they took us to the "delivery room" to meet our shiny and freshly detailed car. Complete with a big red bow on it. They take your picture and mail it to you.  (I was coming from a baby shower, which is why I was dressed up and Jason was, well, decidedly not.)

I was just kidding about that being the best part.  Because the real best part is that we bought it at Johnson Lexus.  For those who live in the Raleigh area, you may know Johnson Automotive Group as the "No badgers" dealerships.  They have the most hysterical commercials.  Here's one of my favorites:

(Or watch it here on

If you liked that, see a few more here:

(Or here.)

They even gave us a bunch of "No badgers" pins and a DVD of all the commercials.  Now, that's service.


Anonymous said...

Love the badger commercials. Forget the pronoun usage and try to find a way to work some verbage like "sex us".

Congrats on the other car purchase but you just negated any green goodness you may have obtained with the Prius by going with the SUV, you little yuppie, you.

andrea said...

What is funny is that Lexus SUV also comes in a hybrid, no? So perhaps you aren't negating the prior green goodness at all!

Of course this is coming from someone who also has a Lexus SUV that is most definitely not the hybrid. C'est la vie!

Enjoy your new cars :)

Heather said...

Andrea - Alas, it is not the hybrid SUV but to be honest, I'm not trying to achieve any green sainthood over here. We had to have an SUV because, with my bad back, there's no way I can be leaning over to pick up and put down a baby into a car seat in a regular car. Just planning ahead! So I don't feel the least bit bad about it. I think we're doing pretty good to have at least one one of our two cars be a hybrid!

Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation....your car is WAAAAY cute :)

Also, you having been gone for so long excuses you! So now you get to make up for lost time and burn the ozone and everything. It's in the name of good parenting and other stuff!

-Stephanie Y

andrea said...

Good future planning :) I have to say that getting Finn in and out of our car, also not a hybrid Lexus SUV, is so much easier than a non-SUV. Call me a yuppie, a gas guzzler, whatever, I don't care one bit, I love it!

Felanie Melanie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Pearl has a pretty sister!!! Well that is not fair for me to could be her brother, but I want it to be her baby sister!!! Congrats!!! And if you need any assistance naming either of these new additions in your life, I am happy to help.

Catherine said...

Holy cow, I need to get a new Lexus. You got WAY more fun stuff than I got back in '04 which was, um, nothing! I want the bow. I want the photo. I want the DVD and mostly I want that damn button! Jason got it right. Always negotiate a car in your slum clothes. :)

Aisby said...

I have the same car, albeit several years older. I may need to upgrade to a newer one before long. I love some Lexus service. It's always nice to have your butt kissed!!

A. Lin said...

My favorite badger commercial is the one with the woman wanting to buy the SUV.

Congrats on your car purchases.