Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Who's the busiest girl of all?

Things are chugging along here.  We're officially moved back into our house.  We've got a new tv and cable and internet.  Murray and Monique will be happy to know that we've got brand new guest room furniture so they will have somewhere to sleep when they arrive in November.  We've got our old bed back which makes me happier than any person has a right to be over a piece of furniture.  Living room sofa and chair are being delivered next week.  Plantation blinds are being installed the week after that.  And hopefully, new kitchen floors will follow shortly after that.

In short,  we have quite a lot going on right now.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we fly to Orlando.  Specifically, Disney World.  And lest anyone think it's weird that Jason and I are rocking up to the Magic Kingdom of our own volition, please rest assured that we are going because we were invited to join in the fun of introducing our nieces to the power of Mouse.  And considering we've only been able to spend a few days a year with them for the past three years, we're really looking forward to some good times with them.

So, between now and next Wednesday, there may be posts or there may not.  We are, however, staying on the club level/towers/executive level/whatever they're calling it at the Hilton though and if that doesn't entitle one to some free wi-fi, I will be very disappointed.  On a similar note, if that doesn't also entitle one to some free champagne cocktails at the end of the day, I will be crushed.

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Muz and Mo said...

Ahhh we totally could have just slept in Dolph in your driveway lol:) Looking forward to it though - can't wait to see ya guys! Have a GREAT time at Disney!