Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh my sweet Carolina

As we're settling back into life in Raleigh,  I've of course been thinking about what lies ahead for us and all we left behind.  Though I will miss London and all the travel we've done, I'm so happy to be back in the land of sundresses and flip flops and Target and Chick-Fil-A and normal sized appliances.  

Back when I mentioned that we had a pretty definite move date for the first time, an anonymous commenter posted to say that they were "surprised and disappointed" in me because I was excited about leaving London for Raleigh.  That they'd recently had the "misfortune" of being there for some amount of time and found it to be dreadful - I think "backwards" was the verbage that was used.  Of course, I simply deleted the comment but I was annoyed.  

But also sad for them.  Because this person obviously didn't get to see the great things about Raleigh.  This person likely arrived with a closed mind and expected it to be a generic southern town.  And in some ways it is.  But in other ways, it's extraordinary.  You'd be hard pressed to find another small city whose locals are so passionate about their home.  

I don't know where this person stayed when they were in town but I would be willing to bet it wasn't anywhere near the downtown buzz and independent shops.  I bet they didn't go to The Cupcake Shoppe for a sweet treat.  I bet they didn't pop into Uniquities or Revolver for a browse.  I bet they didn't have Holly Aiken make them a handbag.  I don't know where this person ate meals but I'm certain it wasn't at Second Empire or Poole's or Vivace or any of the multitude of other great little local places.  I bet they didn't go to a Carolina Hurricanes game either.

Overall, I was reminded of one of my favorite lines from Sex and the City.  The episode is about Carrie's love affair with NYC and when she's talking to one of the sailors in town for Fleet Week, he tells her he's not a big fan of New York.  Too dirty, too noisy for him.  She walks away and says that she can't have nobody talkin' shit about her boyfriend.

Well, whoever you were, hiding behind the anonymous comment...  I'm sorry but where I come from, us girlfriends get each others backs.  And I just can't have people coming here to my home on the web and talkin' shit about my girl.


andrea said...

Wanna bet it was the same person who gave me a hard time for liking Chick-Fil-A? I got your back, and I won't let no one talk shit about Raleigh or CFA!!

I am glad you are settling in, it is nice to be home isn't it?

Alice said...

That is one of my favorite episodes of Sex and The City. You know the funny thing is - every city (from small town to major metropolis) has it's own distinct charm if you're willing to look for it. I love that you make the most out of wherever you are in life, Heather. It's one of the reasons I started reading your blog and continue to do so. Don't ever change. And don't take no shit about Raleigh either. :)

Raquel said...

It is truly sad how close minded people can be, especially towards the south! I am a product of the south (my family was all born and raised there... my sister never left and still lives in Florida today). I was almost born in North Carolina, however my father's job took him to Washington State when my mother was pregnant with me. I am the only member of my family born on the west coast.

Anyway, my point is there is a lot that Raleigh and other towns in the south have to offer. I would simply feel sorry for the commenter, as they are probably just jealous they don't come from a beautiful place as you do. :)

Beth N said...

Hey girl,

I'm glad you're having fun being back. I can't wait to see, and enjoy, all the Raleigh has to offer for myself :)

FloridaGal said...

i am just glad that you are in Raleigh, because now i get to see the Raleigh pics :)

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

You have a cupcake shop!!! That's it, I'm moving there.
Very sad that someone would be so ignorant to write that. I've consciously moved from the city to the country. I love the small town feel of our village, the lack of chain stores, the genuine smiles from people. I even like talking to people at local gatherings who I've never met before that know we cut our hedges this week.
You go girl, defend Raleigh! I reckon it sounds ace.

bethmorrissey said...

People say the weirdest shit when they can hide behind anonymity! And for the record, it wasn't me!! :) Glad you're settling back in so well.