Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, now that I finally have the time to do some blogging, Blogger has decided to screw with me. It's taking about 15 minutes to load photos and when you're doing photos 5 at a time, that could take a while. I was able to get exactly two sets of photos loaded during a 30 minute episode of Extras last night. And I'm not exactly in a position to cope with this right now. In fact, one might call it "the last straw".

So, I'm done. I'm going to focus on other things right now. Namely, I'm going to Bed Bath & Beyond and buying myself a Dyson vacuum today. And then I'll probably pop into Target and pick up some nice throw pillows for the new sofa. Then, I just might go crazy and stop at the grocery store. I know, I know. Reel it in a bit, you say. No way. I'm going balls to the wall.

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