Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The secret's out

Monique and Murray have come and gone but they've left an imprint on Raleigh that will never be erased. And now that they're in Minnesota with Mo's family, I'm allowed to post about their visit. You see, it was a surprise that they were arriving in time to spend Thanksgiving with them so they were keeping it a secret that they were here already. Her family thought they were still in Georgia. (See? I told you guys it wasn't anything juicy.)

Since Jason was trying to work from home and the floor installer was busy ripping our kitchen and bathroom apart, I attempted to get our guests out of the house on Friday. We headed for City Market in downtown Raleigh but it was so cold out, we barely managed to stay out for more than a couple of hours. And about 1/4 of that was spent in Port City Java trying to warm up. Even Monique agreed that it was "like Minnesota cold". And if anybody knows cold, it's the girl from Minnesota.

We did, however, manage a quick photoshoot with the Raleigh acorn.

Then we stopped into The Cupcake Shop on Glenwood to sample the goodies.

That evening, Mr. Floor Guy was STILL not finished. Awesome. So we ended up spending the night dodging the toilet sitting in the hallway.

Well, everyone except Murray. So busted.

Chinese food was ordered. Wine was opened. Cookies were baked. More wine was opened. A few rounds of Catch Phrase were played. More wine was opened.

But when the boys lost Catch Phrase...

...and the penalty was to stand on the porch in the freezing cold for two minutes, the whiskey was brought out.

Saturday we waited around for Mr. Floor Guy to finish (we are truly outstanding hosts) and then took our guests to meet the infamous Katie and Anna and out for a bit of gift shopping. We even got them some even-more-infamous Chick-Fil-A.

Saturday night is where the trouble starts. On the way home from our afternoon out, all four of us were yapping about how TIRED we all were and "Oh good, we're all on the same page - a casual night out for a few drinks and then let's call it an early one... Sounds GREAT."

So we hit the Flying Saucer. Things started out tame enough. Some nice bar food and cider...

A few bottles of Raleigh brew - Hell's Belle.

Me nibbling on Jason's head. You know. The usual.

And it somehow went from that to this. Budweiser tallboys at Raleigh's most redneck bar, City Limits.

You know it's a classy joint when there are bras hanging from the ceiling.

Whoo-hoo! Double fisting!

Monique and I were literally boosted up onto the bar by Jason and Murray. (I shall call them "The Instigators".) You can tell we had absolutely no intention of going to a place like City Limits because we're not dressed like total skanks.

Mo and I were maybe the only two girls there who weren't showing either an expanse of stomach or leg or both. This is truly Raleigh's finest.

Always obey posted signs and warnings.

So we did. (Why am I the only one with full-on drunkface here??)

And then. Then came the bull. I have no idea how this happened but it did. I think this is us debating... To bull or not to bull?

At least now I can say that I've ridden a mechanical bull in my lifetime. (Unfortunately it was way past the acceptable bull riding age.)

Mo lasted way longer than me. I had nothing to hang onto except her and I didn't want to pull her down so I just let go.

Bonded for life by the bull.

You have never seen such a sorry group of people the next day. We managed to pull ourselves together to cook up a hangover cure though. Biscuits, eggs, and a pile o' bacon. After we stuffed ourselves, we headed for the couches and vegged in front of the tv almost all day. If we hadn't had to drive back into downtown to pick up our car, I don't know if we would have made it out at all.

But we had to try out the hosting gift Mo and Murray brought us - a pie plate complete with "pie bird". So the boys went grocery shopping while Mo and I spent more quality time with the sofas and flatscreen. That evening, Jason cooked up a fantastic beefstew while Murray worked on a delicious apple pie.

Although the pie bird didn't sing an aria from La Traviata as we were hoping it would, it did its job of letting the steam out so we were left with an absolutely perfect pie.

All in all, an absolutely wonderful weekend. Was I wicked hungover on Sunday? Damn right. Am I way too old to be dancing on bars and riding bulls? Hell yes. Do I regret one single minute of it? No way.

It was so so so nice to spend some fun times with our very first London friends. After not seeing them for over a year, I think we were allowed to cut loose a little bit. In fact, I think it was required of us. What else do you expect when two childless couples get together for one last blast before one of them moves to the other side of the world?

We will miss them so much and are so sad that we won't live nearer to one another. The expat life strikes again I guess... But we're so grateful that we have had the chance to become such good friends and we'll never forget all the fun times we've had in London and now here.

*I should say thanks to Murray and Mo for sponsoring today's post since most of these photos are theirs.


bethmorrissey said...

I love this post. Congratulations to you all!

Felanie Melanie said...

OH FUN!!! Head, I think the first time we ever really hung out was at City Limits...and we danced on the bar then too! Hahaha!

andrea said...

These pictures are priceless! I am glad you guys had a great time!

Muz and Mo said...

Ah yes loved the bucking bull!
We had SUCH a great time - thanks again:)