Saturday, November 01, 2008

You can't say f**k in Disney!

Well, here we are and there's no free wi-fi and you have to pay for drinks in the lounge. Bum deal if you ask me. But I have my trusty iPhone so I wanted to share a few observations.

1. On Halloween, we saw a (roughly) 18-20 year old in a slutty version of a Tinkerbell costume puffing on a cigarette and dragging a toddler-sized Snow White around. Just marinate on that for a little bit.

2. At Mickey's Halloween Party, we witnessed a domestic dispute in front of Cinderella's castle which culminated in the guy yelling "You're out of control!!!" and the lady yelling back "You'd better shut the f**k up right now!!!! And get your f**king hands the f**k off me!!!!". Nice. Even I know you're not supposed to drop the f-bomb in the Magic Kingdom.

3. I'm more than a little disturbed by the adults wearing Mickey and Minnie ears.

4. I'm even more disturbed by the adults wearing their Disney pin collections. I don't even know how to begin to explain this phenomenon...

5. I have no idea how those princesses talk in those peppy high pitched voices and smile that wide all day.

I'm sure there will be more gripping commentary as the trip progresses so stick around.


Anonymous said...

Believe me, when those ladies take their breaks, they're puffing their cigarettes and dropping the F-bomb like there is no tomorrow.

Nothing is sacred :(

-Stephanie Y

Jessi said...

Enjoy your visit...looking forward to hearing more of the shenanigans at Disney.

Caitlin said...

This makes me think of all the women who actually shop at the Disney Store for their everyday wardrobe. There is nothing worse than seeing a grown woman wearing Winnie the Pooh stitched onto her jean jacket.

Anonymous said...

*quietly puts away her Winnie the Pooh jean jacket*

-Stephanie Y

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

It's hard to tell whether the place is for the children, or for the crazy patch-covered jean jacket loonies in this world. But agree - no f-ing and blinding in Never Never Land. Seriously. Did Mickey's big stupid ears bleed??