Friday, December 12, 2008

Don't dawdle!

I stopped at the post office the other day and this was the parking out front. 2 minutes?!?  You can't even give me a full, nicely rounded 5 minutes?!?  

Good thing there wasn't a long line.  I was sweating in there.  I kept looking out the window for the 2 minute parking police.  I had a keen eye out for queue jumpers.  I was ready to fight anyone that walked in with an armload of packages.  I finally got up to the counter and yelled "Book of stamps please!  I've got my money ready!  I gotta get outta here!  Faster, lady!  Faster!  What?!?  I don't care if they're the nutcracker ones or the Mary and Jesus ones!  Are you crazy?!?  I've got a Prius in 2 minute parking out there!"

Perhaps that's a slight exaggeration.  I really wanted the nutcracker ones.

1 comment:

Alice said...

I would have totally gone with the nutcracker ones, too. :) I'm pretty impressed you can get in and out of any post office in two minutes!