Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I am CEO of Rumball Holdings, LLC

Monday night I went over to Catherine's house to hang out (and play several rounds of hide and seek with her kids).  Pizza and wine - the makings of an excellent girls' night in.

Things quickly descended into madness when she forced me into helping her make rumballs for her cookie exchange and then denied she had any assistance when she heard me telling Jason about it on the phone.  Like any human being under emotional duress, she took the catfight straight to her Facebook status.  (A couple of these are jokes from SNL so if you're unfamiliar, just skim over those.)

Catherine is listening to Heather tell her husband that SHE made rum balls. But she didn't. 11:34pm - 10 Comments

Heather at 11:40pm December 15
Liar. I totally made them. I have photographic evidence.
(Side note - see below.)  I'm posting it as soon as I get home. I'm sitting at your bar listening to you yap about how I didn't make them right this very minute but you're such a liar. Get me some more wine bitch!

Catherine at 12:49am December 16
No. No you didn't. This is my Michael McDonald impression...

Jason at 7:31am December 16
I'm going to put these rum balls out when my Christmas guests come over so they'll feel like they're getting drunk but they're really just eatin' harliday treats.

Heather at 7:34am December 16
Oh crap. That was me. Not Jason.  
(Side note - I have a bad habit of not looking to see which of us is logged in and frequently post under Jason's account by accident.)

Catherine at 7:40am December 16
Ha! Well, too bad you can't put them out for your guests since you don't have any! Because you didn't make any! Because I made them. And if you did have them, your guests might get drunk because I spiked them with a tad more rum than the recipe called for. You wouldn't know that because you didn't make them.

Heather at 7:45am December 16
I got drunk when I licked my hand after we rolled them all up. You have a problem. Rehab is in your future.

Catherine at 7:46am December 16
They tried to make me go to rehab and I said No No No.

Catherine at 11:17am December 16
Do you think we entertain other people as much as we entertain ourselves?

And now, the long-awaited proof.  Catherine took an iPhone photo of me to send to Jason (Subject: Danger danger!) because I told her he doesn't allow me to play with knives.  Little did she know I would use it against her as proof of me being the CEO of rumball making.  Amateur.

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