Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's a Booger Mountain Christmas

Well, it's that time of year again. Pumpkin patches have given way to tree lots and we're drinking our coffee out of Redcups. In our house, the day after Thanksgiving has always signaled the beginning of Christmas. So on Friday, despite my sickliness, we headed out to get our tree. Believe it or not, this was our very first ever real tree. And around these parts, Booger Mountain trees are the only way to go. Booger Mountain, North Carolina supplies most of our state's Christmas trees, I would imagine. Their lots are everywhere. And I still snigger like a 7 year old every time I see one.

We picked a Booger!

Jason made sure our Booger was really stuck to the roof of the Lex.

Our Booger all dressed up. (Okay, the booger jokes are done now. Of course, I use the term "jokes" very loosely.)

My favorite decoration - the vintage 1960's topper.

I hung the stockings by the chimney with care.

By Sunday, I'd had just about as much holiday cheer as my phlegm-riddled lungs could take. George and I passed out on the sofa mid-cider. (Wow. I'm a real knock-out with no make-up and half-wet hair.)

Although -thanks to the hacking cough I've had for days and nights on end - I have absolutely no voice to speak of (HA! Get it?? Voice? To speak of?? Pun-tastic!), I am feeling much better.

And now, back to the grind...


MrsBlueberry said...

Yes!!!! The Booger Mountain trees are the best. :)

Merry Christmas!!!

Raquel said...

What a beautiful Christmas tree! I love it! :)

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

I'd love to pick a fresh booger too! Very nice selection you have made.

London Southern Belle said...

ok, clearly been away for a while. Are you no longer in England and back in NC for good? *pout*

Tonya & Michael said...

Yeah! We picked a Booger too! Check out our post about Decking the Halls Ya'll!

bethmorrissey said...

Feel better soon!

bethmorrissey said...

Feel better soon!

Muz and Mo said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! And wow I've never seen a booger look so good:) Love the tree!