Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Road trip

This weekend, we drove to Charlotte to visit Joe and Amy and the girls. We got into the holiday spirit with lots of Christmas-y activities.

I was convinced this was going to have consequences of Griswold proportions...  
Anna, funnier than ever, is into hissing these days. It started when she noticed that their cat, Noir, would hiss when she wanted to be left alone. So in her mind, hiss works for cat = hiss works for Anna. So when she's mad at you, she'll yell "No ma'am!" and hiss. It's pretty hard not to laugh at her. Amy said it best with "I wonder how many parents have to teach their kids not to hiss at people."

We decorated the tree, which involved a lot of trying to get Anna to put ornaments on more than one branch.

The solution ended up being to put her on Jason's shoulders so he could control the location. She loved being able to put the ornaments "way up higher and higher".

We baked sugar cookies...  Katie has her own brand of humor.  When Joe asked her if all this stuff was helping her get in the Christmas spirit, she replied in a game show host voice with a line from the classic Andy Williams song: "It's the holiday season!"

Sunday, we went ice skating.  Anna got lots of help from Jason and Joe...

Keep smiling!  Even when you're terrified to let go of the rail!

The blind leading the blind...

Hot chocolate to warm up was required afterwards.

So, Yellow M&M.  We meet again.

Katie and I even have a special hot chocolate song that we made up when we were in Disney.  "Hot Chocolate!  You feel so good, in my tummy.  You make me warm when I am cold.  You taste so good.  You're like a cozy blanket for my belly."  To get the full effect though, you really have to hear us sing it.


Felanie Melanie said...

Gosh...those girls are so dang cute I cant stand it!!! And of course you are too :)! Yet again, it looks like you had fun...but by the sounds of it, that is not hard to do around them!

bethmorrissey said...

Jason is on skates holding a small child in just one arm? That takes talent!