Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walmart scares the bajiggidy out of me

For reasons I am unable to discuss, I am currently in a Walmart. Within the past five minutes:

  • I have seen a mother literally shove her child in an effort to get her attention.  (What in the world ever happened to a gentle tug of the pigtail?)
  • I have seen a mother of two wearing a headband of reindeer antlers. (Are these the same adults who wear Mickey ears in Disney World?)
  • I have witnessed a heated domestic squabble over McNuggets. (Yes, this particular Walmart has a McDonalds conveniently located inside.)

When we left Jason asked me if I wanted to stop for a Starbucks and I told him that a coffee was most definitely in order because I had a headache and that it was either from caffeine withdrawal or the overwhelming stench of eau de discount.  I'll overpay for Target anyday thankyouverymuch.


Aisby said...

I have no Target, only one horrible Wal-Mart, into which I am about to make my descent to hell.

Anonymous said...

I feel dirty for you. I think a shower is in order when you get home. Target>Walmart.

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

Walmart? That's like venturing into Primark. Say you'll never do it again. Even as a dare.