Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

Ahhh, the weekend.  A time for date nights.  A time to unwind and recharge.  A time to share quiet moments.  A time to fight massive crowds of holiday shoppers.  A time to tenderly stroke the soft leather of the new Coach bags that you're not allowed to buy.  What?!?  Did I just write that?  That totally didn't happen.  (Yes.  Yes it did.)  

Anyway, we started off the weekend with a nice quiet date night since we knew we had lots of Christmas shopping to knock out.  We hadn't had sushi since we got back into Raleigh so we decided on Waraji.  This is our absolute favorite thing there:  

The Scary Jerry roll.  It's got lots and lots of stuff in it but I specifically remember seeing him put scallop and crunchy tempura bits in there and it's wrapped reverse-style (seaweed on the inside, rice on the outside), and then shrimp and crab are wrapped over that and it's topped with some spicy tuna mix, a slice of avocado and sprinkled with some spicy stuff.  It's not on the menu so you have to be "in the know" and ask for it specially.  It's funny because whenever you order it, the sushi chef kind of nods at you like you're in the club.  The only bad thing about it is that it's so big, it's impossible to eat gracefully.  Make no mistake, this is NOT first date food.  Unless you happen to be going out with a chipmunk, who would certainly find big, full, stuffed, puffed-out cheeks attractive...

And one of the best parts of Friday evening was that I got drunk-texted from one of my favorite people.  I won't blatantly call her out, but if you have an inquisitive mind and want to play the click-through game, let's just say she and I have a history of texting fun.

Saturday, we spent pretty much the entire afternoon Christmas shopping.  Quel nightmare.  Every store we went into I wanted to hurt someone.  A prime example - Starbucks.  We decided we needed some redcuppy goodness to fortify us for our shopping.  I order a grande skinny no-whip Peppermint Mocha and the little skank behind the counter goes "We can't do that skinny.  We don't have no-sugar Peppermint syrup."  And I retort "Generally when I order that, you just put skim milk in it."  She says "Well, skinny means no-sugar syrup and skim milk."  So I go "Well just put the skim milk in it and that's fine." 

 Jason is watching this whole exchange and I just know he's thinking "Starbucks girl, are you crazy?  Do you realize who you're dealing with here??  She will cut you!  Just put the freaking skim milk in there and wish her a happy holiday!  Don't try to school her on barista lingo!  She will totally come across that counter and introduce her fist to your jaw!"  Then Jason orders his Espresso Truffle beverage and she looks at him all lusty-eyed and goes "Delicious."  I have so rarely had such a visceral urge to strangle someone.

Anyway, two malls and countless stores later, we were over it.  We swung by Fresh Market and picked up steak and crabcakes for dinner.  Jason donned his chef jacket and got down to biz-nass.

And I supervised from the counter.  (Trust.  It's better this way.)

Sunday was more of the same.  Except the only shopping I got done was for myself.  I had a Saks gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I'd heard they were having crazy sales already.  I wound up with a new pair of Juicy Couture pj's.  Catherine got me hooked on designer jammies a couple of years ago when she got me my first pair for Christmas.  See?  I blame those around me for my champagne taste.  


Muz and Mo said...

Ohhhhhhh that sushi looks AMAZING!

Alice said...

I'm craving sushi now! My mom goes to a sushi restaurant similar to yours. She always orders things that aren't on the menu --but she and my stepdad go so often, the sushi chef knows them by name and keeps a set of "real" chopsticks for them behind the counter. I love people who are in the know. :)

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

Jason has a chef jacket? Do you realise how jealous he's made Phil. Sigh. Now I have to get him one. Thanks.

Beth N said...

Thanks for saving me the embarrassment ;) The sushi looks good... I've had such a craving lately. mmmm....

Ashely said...

Please, please, please, pretty please, tell me that you were at the Starbucks in North Hills and the little Starbucks girl was a brunette! Please, tell me it's so!

Every eight weeks or so when I'm going to get my hair did, I stop at that Starbucks to pick myself and my hairdresser up something.

It's October. It's a gorgeous Saturday morning. It's busy. This is how the events unfolded.

Starbucks Moron: "What are you ordering?"

Me: "A white mocha and a skinny sugar-free vanilla latte."

Starbucks Moron writes the order on my cups.

Starbucks Moron (to the espresso machine worker): "A white mocha and a skinny vanilla latte."

Me: "Excuse me. I ordered a skinny SUGAR-FREE vanilla latte."

Starbucks Moron: "They're the same thing."

Me: "No, they're not. I ordered a skinny sugar-free vanilla latte NOT a skinny vanilla latte."

Starbucks Moron: "A skinny sugar-free vanilla latte IS a skinny vanilla latte."

Me: "I'm sorry, but they are not the same thing. I can order a latte and want skim milk and regular vanilla syrup. That's a skinny vanilla latte and does not meet your interpretation of the definition of skinny vanilla latte. AND, should I want a SKINNY vanilla latte yet you give me a skinny SUGAR-FREE vanilla latte, I would be highly displeased."

Starbucks moron (rolling her eyes and speaking to the espresso machine worker): "A white mocha and a SKINNY vanilla latte."

I'm surprised I didn't go to jail that day.

Ashely said...

And, I failed to mention this, but I worked in the coffee industry for a few years and have been certified at the national level as a barista and your lingo is correct - not Starbucks Moron's. They're not even real baristas because the machines pull their shots.

I left the nationally certified barista part out when I was arguing with Starbucks Moron in an effort to keep my cool points with all of the other patrons.

Raleigh needs more Mom & Pop shops.

Heather said...


No, it was Crabtree but that is an insane story!