Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why I love Suze

A recent email exchange between Suze and I when she asked for my address (ostensibily for the purpose of sending a holiday greeting of some sort):

Suze:  What's your address in Raleigh? I can 72% guarantee you that I won't stalk you, send dead fish or show up uninvited.

Me:  The kitties are a little disappointed at the promise of no dead fish. While they don't have high expectations, they would at least like to know that the door isn't closed on the topic...

Suze:  Tell the kitties that whilst their argument for dead fish was very good, the particular fish are better matched to other kitties at the moment. I will keep their details on file and should another dead fish come up, I will be in contact. Honest.

Me:  The kitties would like to follow up and thank you for your consideration. They also kindly ask you to reconsider them as dead fish recipients as they have many applicable skills and years of experience in dealing with fish - both dead and alive.

Suze:  In the Kitty news this evening:  Dead Fish Corporation regretfully announced today the public notice of intent to appoint an Administrator. The fall of this ailing firm means 8,000 kitties now face unemployment in the run-up to Christmas. Whilst some kitties will may find fish elsewhere, it is thought that many will rely on government hand-outs of dry food. Those that do find fish will discover they are most likely be smaller poorer tasting fish.

Me:  The kitties are already lined up at the local gub-ment office.


Catherine said...

Twisted fools!

geo said...

This is too funny!

Muz and Mo said...

lol :)

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

Ha! Just saw this today. I heart you too!!!