Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh yes, it's ladies night

Catherine and I hadn't been able to get together since before Christmas so last night we decided to meet up for a proper gift exchange and dinner. Poor Catherine had a rough go of it with my present this year. It took her three attempts.

First, she'd gotten me Burberry earmuffs. Then she saw my Asheville photos on the blog where I was wearing Burberry earmuffs. So she had to return them. Next she got me a Carolina Panthers jersey. Then the Panthers suffered a humiliating, season-ending loss last weekend. So she decided that there was no way she could give me that so soon after they blew it in the playoffs because it would be so depressing. (For the record, I still would have loved it.) Finally, she landed on a goldmine with my new "career" as a fashion writer. So she got me a hefty stack of writing and fashion books! How very thoughtful... Only problem is, I can't stop reading them long enought to write anything. Excellent choices.

Anyway, moving on to dinner... We decided on Michael Dean's since our old standby favorite - Stonewood Grill - had closed. And what luck! It was ladies night! $4.99 cocktails and martinis! We had a look at the drinks menu and saw they had a "North Raleigh" martini and considering yesterday's blog post and subsequent argument, a couple of these were certainly in order. Have you ever wanted to know what North Raleigh in a glass looked like? Well, here you go...

Interestingly enough, there was no "Midtown Raleigh" martini. Thank you, Michael Dean's, for not conforming to this forced rebranding of Raleigh.

My how the mighty have fallen. From a martini to a...Bud light? You can dress her up and order her a fancy cocktail, but apparently you can't take her out. She even knows the error of her ways. She hid her redneck beer behind the menu and was trying to be all incognito but nothing escapes my iPhone.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will do Cat a solid here and tell you that she ordered chicken wings and it turned out that they were very hot so she needed a cold carbonated bevy to wash 'em down. Chicken wings and Bud Light - dinner of redneck champions.

And speaking of Carolina teams letting us down this year, here's what Jason got up to while I was working my way through the martini menu at Michael Dean's - a Hurricanes hockey game with his brother Joe. Aren't they precious in their matching jerseys? Despite a mean comeback in the 3rd period, the 'Canes lost. Again. GET IT TOGETHER BOYS! You brought home the freaking STANLEY CUP in 2006 for crying out loud!

That is all. Carry on.

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Catherine said...

That sweater looks like it is strangling me.