Monday, January 19, 2009

Saturday is my favorite day

Sunday used to be my favorite day.  Sunday always seemed like it was made for relaxing.  I mean, even the big J.C. says that Sunday is a day of rest so who am I to disagree?  But there was always one tiny cloud hanging over Sunday...  No matter how relaxing Sunday was, you always knew in the back of your mind that it was back to business as usual the next day.  

So lately, I've changed my favorite day to Saturday.  Saturday is full of promise.  All day Saturday, you know you have a whole 'nother day of weekend coming.  

And this past Saturday was exceptional.  It was just as lazy as any Sunday ever was.  But we did manage to drag ourselves out to Cary to pick up a bookcase so we decided to reward ourselves for a task well completed with a trip to Gypsy's Shiny Diner.  

An interesting tidbit of information about Gypsy's (from their website):  
Gypsy's was constructed in Florida and trucked to NC on six over-sized tractor-trailers up I-95 and then onto I-40. Once the trucks reached the NC border, they were met by 2 state highway patrol cars for an escort (required by NC law for super over-sized loads). Once the diner reached Cary, the state patrol assisted the Cary police department in stopping traffic while an over-sized crane set the diner on its foundation.
Another interesting tidbit about Gypsy's (taken from my belly):  
The food at Gypsy's is freaking AWESOME.

You can even play songs on the jukebox right from your table.  Jason spends his quarter carefully and eventually decides on Sinatra.  (Big surprise.)  

Photography fun with mirrors while we wait for our food...

Maybe this can give you an idea of how small it is...  There are just a few booths and a small counter.
Jason took the opportunity to butter me up with diner food then pounce on me in my moment of culinary euphoria.  He suggested a trip to the Asian market since we were just right around the corner from it.  He knows I hate the Asian market.  It is the number one weirdest smelling place in the world.  It smells like China Town in London and makes me gag.

At least I was able to entertain myself with trying to find oddities scattered throughout the store...  So let me get this straight.  You fry the fish.  Then you grind it up.  Then you put it in a can.  Mmmmm!  Sounds delicious!

Aloe vera - it's not just for burns anymore.  It's what's for dessert!

Well, I've never considered vacuum packing my corn on the cob.  I guess that's one way to do it.

I'm sure there were stranger things, but this was the best I could do with the few things that actually had English on the packaging.  And lest anyone think I'm a dumb hick who thinks that "them there folks from China and Japan and whatnot sure eat some weird stuff", rest assured that I'm well aware there are a few strange things on the shelves in southern grocery stores as well.  (I'm looking at you, pickled pig feet.)  Although I've never met an actual person who eats any of it...


Anonymous said...

Ah yes--there's nothing like walking into a Piggly Wiggly and seeing a big ole package of chicken feet ready to cook up. I wonder if you bread and fry them or stew them? Definitely one of the strangest "meat" products I've ever seen in a store. Maybe sprinkle a little ground fried fish on them...

A.J. said...

My great-grandma from the Wilkes County NC use to eat pickled pigs feet. Disgusting! God rest her soul.

Melissa said...

That diner reminds me of the cutest little diner in Gettysburg, PA near Gus' home. It was old train cars, converted into a diner just across from the place Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. Very neat!

I'm with you on the Chinese stores. Being a military town, we have a lot of Asians here because so many meet military guys while they are deployed and come back over here. My first year teachign in a private school here, we did a study on Thailand and went to the local Thai store to buy ingredients to cook a meal. I'll never forget the little styrofoam meat packages that were lined with these big cockroaches! I also had a Korean student who told me, "Mrs. Gephardt, I'm not supposed to tell you, but sometimes my mommy and her friends cook rats and eat them!"

Sorry for the brought back memories!