Friday, January 30, 2009

Two more reasons to like Jason

1.  This morning I was having a hard time waking up so he grabbed my iPhone from the nightstand, put on Crazy in Love by Beyonce and Jay-Z and started jumping on the bed.

2.  Don't know why this popped into my mind but a couple of weeks ago we were getting settled into bed and had just turned out the lights when Elwin Kitteh hopped up on the bed beside me.  I said "Allright, lay still and don't lick me."  Out of nowhere, Jason says "Well, that's awfully presumptuous of you."  


Melissa said...

Heather, I just made the blog private, but didn't have your email address to send the invite to. Can you email it to me at gephardt @ cox dot net?


Jessi said...

I just laughed out loud on #2!!!
Sounds like something my hubby would say!

Alice said...

Number 2 made me laugh out loud! Not too long ago when I was talking to my cat and telling her what a "pretty fat girl she was" my husband looked at me and said:"Why don't you ever say THAT to meeeeeee?"