Monday, January 26, 2009

Uh, oops?

So, I got a little Facebook-happy this weekend and started posting mobile uploads.  "Lookie here!  Look at this crazy coffee in a glass at Cup-A-Joe!"  "Ha ha!  We went to Goodberry's in our pajamas at 9:30 at night!  In the freezing cold!  Aren't we stinkers?!?"

And then I realized:  "Huh.  That was my blog material.  And I just shot my proverbial load on Facebook.  What the devil am I going to blog about now?"

Well, guess what Facebook friends.  You get to re-live my weekend in all its domestic glory.  

After catching up on several episodes of Big Love Friday night, we started Saturday with a bang.  Jason's very own special breakfast creation - a Fatboy.  I feel confident it will give the McChief a run for its money.  Lucky ducks that they are, Beth and Rino will get to experience the Fatboy live and in person when they come down for a visit in a couple of weeks.  At this juncture, I cannot disclose exactly what makes up a Fatboy.  All in good time, dear readers.  All in good time.

Saturday afternoon, we ended up in the Cameron Village/NCSU campus area of town and Jason decided he was jonesing for a coffee.  And wonder of wonders, he pulls up to the Cup-A-Joe on Hillsborough Street.  I was all "Oh for the luuuuurve of Jay-sus pleeeeeease don't make me go here.  This is where all the tragic hipsters and wanna-be anarchists hang out and discuss politics and eastern religion and stuff."  Jason was all "Get over yourself and have a latte."  

We get out of the car and as we're walking to the cafe door, we pass by a table of two on the sidewalk and I swear on all my worldly possessions, this is what the guy was saying right when we walked by:  "Yeah, you know, I just took a year off to totally re-teach myself politics.  Just cleanse my mind of everything I thought I knew before."  And the girl goes "Mmmm-hmmm.  That must have been really profound."

Are they SERIOUS?!?  Who talks like that?!?  I rolled my eyes at Jason and mouth "Told you so."

So I get a table and commence people watching and Jason eventually rocks up with his order.

And it came in a pint glass.  Those kooky kids!  What will they think of next?  Beer served in coffee mugs?

Jason starts perusing the Independent to see what's going down in Raleighwood and he says: "There's a classic movie screening tonight."
"What movie?"
"Ooh, that's nice.  We haven't seen that in a long time.  Where is it?"
"In our living room."  
"Well that's awfully convenient.  What time?"
"Says here it's dinner and a show.  Dinner will be served at about 8:30 and the screening will commence at 9:00"
"And will there be snacks later?"
"Your choice of popcorn or Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream."
"Lovely.  And what is the dress code?"
"Strictly pajamas."
"Excellent.  Book us in."

Fast-forward to post-dinner.  I realize we have forgotten to pick up the Ben and Jerry's and voice my concerns to Jason.  He very chivalrously offers to run to the grocery store and pick it up.  I demure and tell him that's unnecessary.  Especially as we're already dressed for the show.  A few minutes of silence... and then... the best suggestion ever.  Why don't we just go to Goodberry's?  Jason reasons that it's January and nobody will be there so let's just go in our pj's.  Count me in.  And so we go.

And Sunday.  Well, you have to ask someone else about Sunday because it's certainly not my place to tell the blogging community that someone signed us up for a Williams-Sonoma cooking class and someone said it was at 11:00 but it turned out that it was really at 1:00 and that we were banging on the doors of Williams-Sonoma at 10:55 all indignant-like.  "Hey!  We're here to COOK, fools!  Let us in!  We did not rock up to an empty mall on a Sunday morning for any other reason than to learn us some cooking SKILLZ."  

Except that's exactly what we did.  Oh well.  So we headed to Starbucks and chatted it up for about an hour while waiting for Saks to open so we could go down there and man-handle some Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs bags.  Not a total loss then...  But I can't tell you anything about any of what I just told you.  You'll have to ask someone else about all that.

Pssstttt!  Don't tell anyone, but it was HER:


Anna said...

I quite often drink wine out of coffee mugs, is that the same thing? Setting trends over hizzle!

Rino said...

Run for it's money? McChief's don't run from anything, 1st of all. They stand firm, and dominate. 2nd of all, there is no way some southern laid eggs in a FatBro can live up to the New England yolkulms found in a McChief. However, I am looking forward to a sample of the Fratboy and the weekend of the 14th... hopefully we don't hit any geese on the way down.

Rino said...

Note to above: sorry for the error in the presentation of the word "its." As I understand you have literary ambitions now, I don't want anyone to think you hang with those who can't command the language.

Rino said...

Note to above #2: I just realized that this is classified on your blog as a "love note." Hmmm... not sure I meant it that way...

Heather said...

Rino, please stop stalking me. Thanks.

Beth N said...

It's not too late to take back your invite.