Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday wish list report

Well, so far it's looking pretty good.

Wish number 10 actually came true last weekend when we stumbled across a tv stand that looked like it just might fit in our tight space. But, with no measuring device, it was a gamble. But lo and behold if it didn't turn out just perfect. This makes me so very very deliriously happy.

And wish number 12 is coming true at about 11:00 am (barring any delays) when Beth and Rino touch down at RDU airport.

Wish number 1 has gotten a shout out as well...

(For those keeping score for the past three years, that's Tiffany, Louis and Louis. I think I like my 30's...) But I'll leave a little mystery for now. I'll be back after the weekend to give the full shakedown.


Nicole said...

Awesome - Can't wait to see what's in the bag! But live a little and branch out from the LV already!

Catherine said...

Heather, for the record, I'm glad that you are "that" girl.

Nicole said...

Ugh, I am so sorry! The above was just a bad and stupid joke. I take it back, I swear.