Tuesday, February 03, 2009


In an attempt to delay digging through multiple drawers to find the cord thingies that attach my iPhone and camera to my computer and make the pretty pictures magically float through the wires and land in iPhoto, I'm going to write about some things that are really up my craw lately.  

If you're not in the mood for some good old-fashioned bitching, I suggest you move right along.

1)  Jessica Simpson is NOT fat.  She just makes unfortunate denim decisions.  Ok, gossip rags?  Now shut up and quit giving young women eating disorders.

2)  Is ESPN seriously airing competitions wherein douche bag guys get together and have Madden NFL video game tournaments??  And trash talk each other??  (If I may borrow from Seth and Amy...) "Really, ESPN??  Really?  Really."  

3)  Hey!  You people from cold-weather climates?  You want to know why four inches of snow disables southern cities (and London)?  Because it occurs so rarely that it would be a ridiculous waste of money and resources for us (and London) to prepare for it like you do.  And guess what.  When it snows here, we get to stay home and drink hot cocoa.  When it snows there, you have to man up and go to work.  So who's the big winner?

4)  Since when is every single show on VH1 about some washed-up has-been finding "love"?  Just once, I would love to turn it on and not see a bunch of bleach blond alcoholic skanks in hot pants.  

Whew.  Ok.  I feel a bit better now.  But anybody else got anything to add?  I'm happily accepting suggestions for more stuff to get mad about.


bethmorrissey said...

Yeah, you just stole all of my talking points for tomorrow. And you said them better than I was gonna. Damn you! Or, bless you!

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

You know what really bunches my shorts? Spending loads of time, money and effort on a dog (and this means getting up at oh-my-god-o'clock to walk the ungrateful mongrel through the icy streets and pick up his steaming 'ass biscuits') only have the fricking mutt bite me. Yes, bite me. I feel like sending him to one of those countries where he's on the menu. Stat.

Beth N said...

Yes, you Southerners and Londoners apparently win. We can get a blizzard and are still expected to get on with our day. So perhaps we're all just a wee bit jealous. (Though that doesn't stop every Northerner from bitching about the snow for 3 months. At which point I usually tell them to move South)

However, we did experience a few "dustings" in London and I will never understand how the UNDERGROUND is unable to run.

And unfortunately tabloids won't stop talking about weight issues until we stop caring. Maybe we should start a movement to boycott all such magazines??