Monday, March 30, 2009

Bluegrass, BBQ and Bloody Marys

Jason and I arose on Sunday and after drinking our coffee and reading the paper for a couple of hours, decided that we had a lot to do and that we'd better get on it.  We had a plan.  We would go get a bite to eat, go to Lowe's to see about getting some new floors for our bathrooms and then come back and work in the yard a bit.  Maybe I would put some flowers in our little planters...  Then we would go to the grocery store to do our weekly shop.  Well, you know what they say about plans.

We decided to go to Dos Taquitos for lunch since they have tables outside.  But we pulled up and they were closed.  So we figured we'd just head down to Glenwood and hit up Armadillo Grill for fresh burritos.  But when we hit the stoplight at Peace Street, I suggested salads at Mellow Mushroom.  (I know.  Who in their right mind goes to a pizza place and gets salad?  Trust.  You would too if you'd ever had a Mellow Mushroom salad with their Esperanza dressing.)

After our al fresco lunch, Jason suggested we head down to The Cupcake Shoppe and pick up a dessert for the evening.  It was such a beautiful day, we walked all the way down Glenwood and boy am I ever glad we did.  Because we passed by Brooklyn Heights bar and saw that they were going to have live bluegrass music and Bloody Marys in the front yard later in the afternoon.  We figured we'd drop in for a bit and check it out....  I mean, all the signs were leading us to this.  Dos Taquitos was closed for a reason.  I suggested a last second change of venue to MM for a reason.  Jason was craving a cupcake for a reason.  Damned if I was going to smite the gods who graciously lead us here.

We were so excited about that that we didn't even much care The Cupcake Shoppe turned out to be closed.  We just headed back down to the Turkish pastry place to kill some time before we went back to Brooklyn Heights.  (If you've ever seen that big purple Victorian house on Glenwood, that's the Turkish joint...)

No Jason was not high, we were just that relaxed.

After our baklava and Turkish tea, we headed back down Glenwood and came across this, appropriately enough, on the street in front of Solas.  Such a sad Sunday morning relic, dropped, stepped on and forgotten the night before...  Seems like you never make it home with all your bachelorette party accoutrement.  If I recall, my "Bachelorette" sequined sash got left at the apartment of one of Jason's groomsmen (where I ended up passing out because that's where Jason passed out earlier in the evening), only to be found months later by his new significant other.  Oops.  My bad.

Finally, it was Bloody Mary time.  This was, I swear on the Holy Bible, the best Bloody Mary I've ever had in all my life.  They start with homemade pepperoncini-infused vodka, add Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix (available only online apparently), and top it off with fresh cracked pepper and worcestershire sauce.  But that's not all.  The crowning glory of this Bloody Mary is the celery salt and spice mixture that's on the rim of the cup.  I'm telling you, this drink will make you want to smack your mama.  I should know.  I had about four of them.  Maybe five.  I lost count.

So, you pay a $5 cover and you get live music and all-you-can-eat Eastern NC style BBQ chicken with fixins.  Granted, we had already eaten at MM so we only shared one plate but that's still a bargain in my book any day.  On a day as beautiful as yesterday, I would have easily paid $5 just for the music.  

Remember what I said about "dropping in and checking it out for a bit"?  Well, four hours and a farmer's tan later, Jason poured me into the car to go home.  

Remember what I said about "working in the yard a bit"?  Oh well.  The grass is still here today and still needs to be mowed and I sure as hell don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.

Remember what I said about "going to the grocery store"?  Well, when we got home, I read about two pages of the third book in the Twilight saga before passing out face-first into my book and sleeping off my multi-Mary afternoon.  

So we got absolutely nothing of value done yesterday.  And I couldn't possibly care less.  It was 100% totally worth it.


Alice said... mama (Who I swear makes the best bloody marys ever) swears by Zing Zang....and it is YUMMY. You can get it in liquor stores in Georgia, you just have to hit up the larger emporiums.

Sounds like a great day!

Catherine said...

There is no way you had a salad.

Heather said...

F you, I did too. Have you ever even had a salad at Mellow Mushroom? They are SICK.

Tonya & Michael said...

Zing Zang is the absolute best - and SOMETIMES you can find it at the Harris Teeter on Falls and also on Edwards Mill. (You know, if you get the hankerin' to mix one up yourself!)

Will definitely be adding that venue to our Sunday Funday spots!