Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Twilight release day to you!

Happy Twilight release day to you!  Happy Twilight release day, dear Katie!  Happy Twilight release day to you!

Something about that little ditty seems off for some reason.  I can't quite put my finger on it though...

This past weekend, we went to Charlotte for Katie's birthday.  Well, that's what we're telling people anyway.  The real reason for the trip became apparent when Amy (Katie's mom) called on Friday and said "You've read Twilight, right?"  I said "Absolutely."  

Amy tells me that she just finished it and Jenny's currently plowing through it so the plan for Saturday evening is to procure a DVD copy of Twilight (by any means necessary) and have a viewing and book discussion after the girls go to bed.  We then gush about how much we're in love with Edward and whether or not it's weird for a 30-something woman to fervently wish she were back in high school and in love with a smokin' hot vampire.  (We came to the conclusion that it is perfectly acceptable.  Jason has a different opinion.)

So, since Katie's birthday fell on Twilight release day, we had to go along with whole "birthday party" charade.  (I kid, I kid.)  She had a jewelry-making party with her girlfriends.

And of course, Anna had to hang with the big girls.  We were amazed she stuck with it and didn't get bored.  She needed a little help with the little tiny beads though.  Super Aunt's nimble fingers save the day.

Hey kid, hurry up for crissakes!  Move it!  Move it!  We've got lots of vampire lusting to do.  (I kid, I kid.)

Once the birthday festivities were over and the little girls were bathed and put to bed, the big girls got down to the business at hand.  So imagine, if you will, watching a couple hours worth of an extraordinarily sexy Edward Cullen use his brute strength, exceptional speed and cat-like reflexes to rescue Bella from various mishaps and then walking upstairs to go to bed and finding this:

Your husband curled up in a pink room, under a pink quilt, with his head resting on a fuzzy pink pillow.  That was a pretty jarring "welcome back to reality".  Jenny and I were nearly rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard.

Thanks for letting us borrow your room, Katie.


Monique said...

LOL!!! Love the last pic:)

Anonymous said...

I have also been totally obsessed with Edward and wishing i could go back to high-school!!!
I am still living in London so i have to wait a week more for the release!!!Can't wait!!!!

Victoria said...

This may be my favorite post of yours ever. When I saw that last picture I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Also, I feel your pain on the inappropriate lusting, and on the inevitable letdown of our painfully mortal husbands. Poor guys just can't compete with Edward. :)

Anna said...

Hilarious. I saw the movie drunk so I also enjoyed it quite a lot. (

Also, there's a rumor going around that Boston Latin School's infested with vampires. Eek! I'm torn between fear and lust for beautiful pale men wandering around.

Doreen said...

Ok, that has to be your funniest post yet! Dying when I got to Jason's picture!!! I'm guessing he wasn't all that impressed with you and Jenny laughing, was he?
And no, there's nothing wrong with a 30-something lusting after a young vampire, as long as there's nothing wrong with a 40-something doing the same!!

Alice said...

I have to agree. This post made me giggle out loud.