Friday, March 13, 2009

I'll be brief

I'm conserving my laptop battery because (condensed version of events here) Jason droppy, now plug thingy no worky.  I've got an appointment at the Mac genius bar this evening so hopefully they fixy.  But for now, I'm writing on my iPhone.  Tons of fun.

Anyway, I had an utterly and totally random thought...

Anyone think it odd that as a child, I was allowed to watch shows like Miami Vice and movies like Rambo but not allowed to watch MTV?  Sure, all the Miami beach bunnies in string bikinis and violence and drugs and guns and were mine for the taking but holy rollers, do not let her clap eyes on a musician with long hair and tattoos!  She might burst into flames at church on Sunday!

Yes, odd.

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bohemianbailie said...

I was allowed to watch dirty dancing everyday when I was about 5 but when my dad bought me a maddonna tape a year later my mom made me give it away. same odd lodgic