Thursday, March 05, 2009

Unhand that quesadilla

Jason was out of town on Wednesday night and if you know anything about me, you know that means one thing: frozen dinner.  So I threw a Weight Watchers quesadilla in the microwave and waited for the magic to happen.  Two minutes is a pretty long time to watch a quesadilla come to life so I started reading the box.  It was then I noticed the italicized post script to step 1:

They might as well have said "Hey there, Fatty McButterbutt.  I know your kind.  You thought that just because there are two quesadillas in this box that you're supposed to actually eat two quesadillas.  I mean, they sure as shit don't serve up just one quesadilla at TGI Applebee's Steakhouse, right?  They serve 'em up by the metric ton or something.  On their JAMMIN' SLAMMIN' ALL YOU CAN EAT LEANING TOWER O' QUESADILLAS PLATTER!!!  Well, here's a little tip for you:  You're not supposed to eat ALL YOU CAN EAT.  It ain't right.  So how about you just slowly back away from that second quesadilla and return it to the freezer.  Nice and slow.  Keep your hands where I can see 'em, pal."


Catherine said...

Fatty McButterbut. Classic. That is your new nickname now. You could try Lean Cuisine. They are not as judgmental as WW.

Beth N said...

I would definitely eat both... instructions or not.