Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do you believe in miracles!?!

Let me just start by saying that I have a very sore throat and no voice today.  And it's not because I'm sick.  Oh no.   It's because I'm a rabid Carolina Hurricanes fan and we attended what might be the best playoff game EVER last night.

Our boys take the ice (taken with the iPhone so not the best quality).  I get so pumped when the announcer says "Please welcome to the ice, YOUR Carolina Hurricanes."  And the team skates out with the "Here I am, rock you like a hurricane" song playing.  Seriously, I get ca-razay.

The 'Canes were taking tons of shots on the goal (twice as many as the Devils) and we scored two in the first period and another in the second so we were feeling pretty good.  The atmosphere in the arena was completely electric.

Celebration at the net after the third goal...

And the resulting "Whoooooooooo!"  (This will only be understood by our fellow Caniacs.)

And me doing my Ric Flair "Let hear your whoooooooooo!"

Unfortunately, the momentum shifted when the Devils scored with about 27 seconds left in the second period and when the third period started, the 'Canes just weren't playing with the same intensity as before.  Not nearly as many shots on goal, no hits, no aggression...  The energy was just not the same.  And the Devils took advantage and tied it up with two more goals.  

And we got very nervous.  Nail biting nervous.  But in the last seconds of the final period, we had the puck in Devils' territory.  Everyone was going nuts.  I was screaming "Finish them!!!  Finish them!!!" like some kind of deranged war general.  And I cannot explain this but like it was happening in slow motion, I saw Pitkanen pass the puck to Seidenberg, somehow looked and saw less than one second on the clock and then saw the puck sliding in the goal.  Jokinen had scored with two-tenths of a second left on the clock.  Two-tenths of a second.  

The arena completely erupted.  Our reaction was priceless.  Jason and I turned to each other and just screamed inches from each other's faces.  Then jumped up and down in a bear hug.  Still screaming.  High fives and fist bumps were exchanged with all our seat mates who had been total strangers to us a few hours ago.

Then we realized the goal was under review.  They needed to make sure the puck was in the goal before the clock hit 0.  So we stood there motionless.  Hands to the face.  Eyes on the ref.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't breathing.  I know for a fact that my heart was pounding.  

Then the ref came out to give the verdict.  When his arm made the chopping-motion signal for "goal good", the arena erupted all over again and we had the exact same reaction all over again.  The screaming, the hugging, the jumping, the high fives, the fist bumps.  I'm getting all jumpy just thinking about it now.  

Jason even lost his rally towel in all the excitement.

It was so fun to walk back to the car with everyone cheering and screaming and chanting and blowing horns.  Now it's back to the Garden Garbage State for game 5.  (Sorry, that was a cheap shot.  If I have any readers in NJ, please don't take it personal.  It's hockey season.  We can be friends in July.)  And back to Raleigh on Sunday.  And yes, we bought our tickets as soon as we got home last night.


Heather said...

Hey Libby - Sorry I deleted your comment but I just couldn't allow those last three words to exist on my blog going into tonight's game. The rabid Caniac in me simply wouldn't stand for it!

(I'l be blaming lots of my behavior on my Caniac alter ego throughout the playoffs..)

The Tune's said...

Understandable....Sunday is going to be good!

Heather said...

It certainly will! As much as I hate the Devils, I have to say that you guys played great last night. It was an intense game from both sides.