Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quick turn

Things are ever so slightly busy around here.  Jason and I went to Philadelphia over the weekend and I got home yesterday (Jason arrives tonight) so I could get us ready to leave for our Easter weekend trip to Ocracoke tomorrow morning.  

In a perfect world, I would get all our photos from Philly loaded and blogged before we take off for the next jaunt.  But since this is the real world, I'd say it's not bloody likely.  

Who knows?  If by some miracle I get all the packing and preparations done, perhaps later this afternoon you'll see how we managed to eat our weight in cheesesteaks in just two short days.  So, you know, start gearing up for that... or whatever.

1 comment:

Tola said...

too bad i was in the hospital during your visit to my adopted hometown. hope you had a great time, cant wait for the pix/post.