Friday, April 24, 2009

Rally time

We put on our gear and headed out to Carolina Ale House to watch some hockey last night.

Our mascot Stormy even showed up!  (Please don't ask me what a furry pig has to do with a hurricane.  We don't question it.  We just love the pig unconditionally.)  And may I just say that our server last night (to the right of Stormy) was on it.  I've never seen a bartender move that fast and still be pleasant and fun.  Hats off to her.

So, although the Hurricanes lost 1-0, there is no way I can complain about their performance.  They played like champs.  They were in it to win it.  They had 44 shots on goal.  The problem was that Marty Brodeur had 44 saves.  The Devils had 42 shots on goal.  The other problem was that Cam Ward had 41 saves.  And the one that slipped past was a totally impossible save.  It basically came down to a goaltending match.  I've never seen two goalies work so hard in my life.

Here's what our captain Rod Brind'Amour had to say:
You can't hang your head on a game like that.  It was a good game, a good effort. If we get one power-play goal, that's the difference in the game. Normally, if we only give up one (goal), we're in good shape. Marty played great. We'll be happy if we get that many scoring chances again.
Now, it's do or die on Sunday.  But you can bet the Hurricanes will bring it.  If they can bring home even an ounce of the momentum from last night's game, we'll have more than a fighting chance.

I love what had to say about it:
If anyone expected the Carolina Hurricanes to be depressed, discouraged and divided in the wake of Thursday's 1-0 loss at Prudential Center to the New Jersey Devils that put them down three games to two in their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series, they don't know the Hurricanes.
Damn right.

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Peaches N Curry said...

it looks like you guys are bringing the good luck when we play at home!
raise hell on Sunday for all of us that can't make it!
(commence Ric Flair's call...)