Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tap tap? Is this thing on?

So, uh, here's the thang. I just set up mobile blogging today and since I'm sitting here at Brooklyn Heights doing absolutely slap-ass nuthin' except consuming a small country's worth of bloody marys, I figured I'd give this a go to see if it really works. You know, because I rarely trust all them fancee teknologees. So, here goes...

It be wurkings? Sent from my iPhone

So, I've edited this post so that the picture now shows up and while I'm at it, I figured I'd add the other photo Jason took of me, the pizza delivery girl.  You see, there's no food at Brooklyn Heights (except when they do BBQ and bluegrass) so we called in an order to Mellow Mushroom and I walked to pick it up.  Just when I thought bloody marys on the porch couldn't get any better, a pepperoni and feta cheese pizza makes an appearance...  God, my life is good.

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Heather said...

hmmmmmm, wurdz apeer to be wurkings but pikturs, not so much. Innerestin. (And before anybody asks, no I am not drunk nor high. Just happy and care-free ...)