Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Cardiac 'Canes

I don't even know where to begin. This has been such a freaking roller coaster...  After a horrible loss in Boston last Sunday night, we were very very hopeful for a win in Raleigh on Tuesday evening.  Well, suffice it to say that definitely did not happen.  Another poor showing.  We felt dejected.  Our team had completely blown a 3-1 series lead.  Now it was tied 3-3.  Going into the Garden.  I was not optimistic.  In my heart of hearts, I still believed we could do it.  But my logical side said that it was not likely.

Well...heart beat logic in Boston on Thursday night.  It was a grueling game.  And everybody (both teams) hustled hard and hit hard.  It could have been anybody's game really.  But it was ours.  Ours in sudden-death overtime (almost multiple overtimes), but still ours.  

Poor Jason was in London and had to watch on a crappy feed over his laptop.  But we stayed on the phone with each other for the entire game.  We had been through every single playoff game together so why let a few thousand miles stop us?  But going into the third period, Jason's live feed gave out and we had no option but for me to lay the phone by the tv and let him listen to the play-by-play.  And so it was.  Jason in a hotel room 3,000 away and me sitting in the living room floor hugging my knees, watching a frenetic OT period full of amazing saves (on the part of both goalies) and attempt after attempt to put an end to this.  

With about a minute and fifteen seconds left, Ray Whitney tried to land a puck but was blocked by Tim Thomas.  But Scott Walker had positioned himself right in front of the goal and picked up Whitney's rebound and chipped it up and over Tim Thomas and into the net. 

To put it mildly, I freaked OUT.  I grabbed the phone and just started screaming "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!" over and over to Jason.  I was so jacked that I couldn't even lay down for bed till about 12:30 and even then, I couldn't fall asleep till sometime around 2:30.

Friday morning, I was on a mission.  Get all our tickets for Round 3.  So I showed up at the RBC Center early and got my wristband - 62nd in line.  

Even Stormy showed up!  (Much to the delight of the 3-year-old I had in tow.  She thought it was extra hilarious when he got behind the glass and sat down at one of the sales terminals like he was going to sell tickets.)

By the time I had our tickets in hand and left the box office, the line was wrapped part way around the arena.  And little did they know that once you get inside, the line snaked back and forth a few times...  (Personally, unless you were among the first hundred or so, I can't see the benefit to waiting in line versus buying through Ticketmaster.  Even at 62nd in line, I had a difficult time getting enough seats together for the section we wanted.  

But now we're ready to take on the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Eastern Conference Finals.  Ever thought about what would happen if you threw a penguin into a hurricane?  Yeah.  I hope this series will have that result.

On a serious note, before I close this out I wanted to say that Scott Walker's wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer during the series against the Bruins.  The prognosis is good and she is expected to make a full recovery but I still can't imagine having to hear the word "cancer" in a doctor's office.  Scott was incredibly emotional in interviews after his game winning goal in game 7 and on Friday, when this was announced, it became clear why.  It also explained why many of his teammates said things like "No one deserved that goal more than Scotty." and "It couldn't have happened to a better guy."  I know all Hurricanes fans have Scott and his wife in their thoughts and prayers.  

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Raquel said...

I'm so nervous for tonight!!! This should be a great series! :)