Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pajama parties and playgrounds

Ok, ok.  I know this blog has turned into The Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Report lately.  And for those of you who don't care about hockey, it's probably been a drag.  You've probably stopped reading.  Eh.  What can I do?  Hockey is our LIFE right now.  On game days, we wake up and the first thing Jason says to me is a sleepy, groggy sounding "Let's go 'Canes."  Not "Good morning."  Not "Sleep well?".  And I reply with the opening of our fight song.  "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.  Let's GO."  

However, in the interest of retaining readership, I figured I could spare at least one post to devote to something else.  I will now bribe you to stick around with pictures of preshus chillrens.  Namely, two of the loves of our lives, the one and only, the nieces with the pieces (I don't even know what that means)... Katie and Anna.

Unfortunately, Amy had a loss in her family and they needed someone to watch the girls for the weekend while they attended services in another city.  Super Aunt and Uncle to the rescue.

First stop, playground.

When we're in charge, it's perfectly fine to eat cotton candy and ice cream pops at 5:00 in the afternoon.  Spoil your dinner?  Meh.  Who cares?

Saturday night, it was double feature movie night and pajama party in a fort (Anna got her sounds a little mixed up and kept calling it "airport").  Which, by the way, they insisted the only way in and out of was through the little rainbow tunnel - even for Jason and I.  Perhaps I should have reconsidered that second helping of Kung Pao chicken?

Anyway,  Anna chose Kung Fu Panda (which she calls "Tu-Tu Panda") so we had Chinese takeout to make it a theme night.  She even made it most of the way through The Tale of Despereaux (Katie's selection) before she laid across my lap and said "Hedair, I tired."

Sunday morning got a bit out of control after the Bo'Berry biscuits took effect.  Sugar?!?  What sugar?!?!?!

Then we got down to business with a makeover party.  

Chuck E. Cheese madness...  

And one last playground.  I think we sufficiently drained them of all energy just in time for mom and dad to return.  

My souvenirs....  Katie the Artiste drew us this very creative picture.  Is it a flower vase?  Or is it a fishbowl?  Or is it BOTH??  That's their kitty Noir attempting to take a little drink from the item in question.

And a little photo booth fun at Chuck E. Cheese.  Are they the cutest girls ever or what?

And now, sorry y'all but it's back to hockey.  We've got two games on home ice coming up - tonight and Friday night.  We're tied 1-1 in the series with the Bruins.  I'm sure it was a big confidence booster for our guys to be able to deliver a 3-0 shut down at the Gahden.  Here's hoping they use it as momentum for tonight, as opposed to letting it go to their heads.  C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.  Let's GO!


andrea said...

Go Caps! Er, I mean Go Canes! Nope, pretty sure I mean Go Caps, so it's a good thing the Caps aren't playing the Canes. Are they? Clearly Atlanta's team didn't make it to the playoffs :)

The nieces with pieces are adorable, and lucky they have such a fun aunt and uncle to take care of them!

Alice said...

I LOVE that you let your theme go with food and the movie...totally something I would do.

And, yes, ALL of the girls in the blog are totally adorable.

Shari said...

These are great photos. You guys are gonna make such cool parents!