Thursday, May 07, 2009

You knew it wouldn't last

Sorry guys, but it's back to hockey for a couple of days.  Feel free to leave now if you can't handle it.  Here we go...

Last night, the Hurricanes put a southern-fried beat down on the Bruins.  Welcome to 'Canes Country, y'all.  

Jason and I got so amped on the way to the arena because we were listening to 99.9 The Fan on the radio and when they asked Aaron Ward (a former 'Cane, now a Bruin) about how it feels to come back and play in Raleigh, he mentioned that it's one of the toughest arenas to play in as a visitor because of how loud the fans are.  

We got the reputation as "the loudest house in the NHL" back in 2006 during our Cup run and Aaron Ward (who was on our team that year) confirmed that he's played for a few teams and it's true - no where is it louder and more intimidating than in Raleigh.  Even some Bruins fans on the HF boards commented that they couldn't believe how much the crowd gets into it here and how loud our arena is.  Folks, coming from a northern hockey club - that's a serious compliment.

The 'Canes storm the ice.  (Pun-tastic!  Get it?  Hurricanes??  Storm???  Is this thing on?)

Oh yes, I was rocking the face tats.  I am the superfan. 

It was a great game.  The Bruins scored first but we didn't let that get us down.  The crowd got crazier, the team hustled harder and finally responded in the 2nd period with a tying goal...and another goal to take the lead a mere 69 seconds later.  And that's Hurricanes hockey.  They feed off that momentum unlike any other team I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, Boston scored again to tie it up and we were facing sudden death overtime.  At 1 minute and 26 seconds left in the break before the 4th period started, the 'Canes take the walk through the tunnel and back onto the ice.  I get chills every time I see that.

Cam Ward made some unreal saves in the first minute or so of the overtime period.  The Bruins had tons of scoring chances and were drilling our net but Ward saved the day.  In the end, with less than 3 minutes of the overtime gone, one of our great Finnish imports - Jussi Jokinen - puts the puck past Tim Thomas and just like that...we win. 

Stormy hits the ice to celebrate

And gets so caught up in the moment that he breaks into the worm.  How in the hell you can do the worm in a massive furry pig costume is beyond me!  Don't question it. Just dig the pig.

Now, the Hurricanes lead the best of seven series 2 games to 1.  Game 4 is tomorrow night and you can bet the RBC Center will be rocking.  Bring it, Bruins.  We've got some of our famous southern hospitality ready to dish out.

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