Thursday, June 25, 2009

For the birds

So, what else is going on is Sanger-world? Well, to put it mildly...we are obsessed with this little creature:

"Oh hai!  Pleezed to makes yur ahqaintence!"

Monday, Jason was in the yard and kept hearing this little chirping noise.  It didn't sound like a regular bird so he was curious.  He finally found this wee baby bird caught in a spider web in a little rough area between our house and our neighbor's.  We're guessing he fell out of his nest.  Without touching him, Jason scooped the web away and left him there on the ground.  The mom (or dad?) bird is keeping watch over him and bringing him food but can't get him back into the nest.  Every day we go check to make sure he's still there and so far, so good.  

"Did sumbodee sez 'injurrd burd'??  You meanz he no can fly??  Wunder whut he taste look lyke?  We stayz rite here to wait watch out for him. On unreelated matter, I can haz some Tobascoes sawce?  Kthxbai!"

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andrea said...

We have 2 ferns with birds nests in them, and the ferns are now dead but we can't take them down because we don't want to scare away the mom bird. Cute? Yes. But I am ready for them to leave!