Friday, June 26, 2009

I say pint, you say liter

I've covered what cereal means to each of us.  Now, I bring you another chapter in the "Let's call the whole thing off" series.  This one is all about what it means to each of us to stop by the Flying Saucer for a beer on a Saturday afternoon.  

For me, it means...well...a beer.  A nice normal beer (Big Boss Angry Angel in case you're wondering) in a nice normal glass.  

And for Jason, it means a beer that comes in a receptacle as big as a wine bottle (complete with corked top, as you can see).  "Well, you said one beer.  Technically speaking, this is one beer."  Cheeky bugger.

Happy weekend, everyone!  Whether you celebrate with a regular-sized beer or a giant one, enjoy.

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