Monday, June 15, 2009

The non-saga continues

I have officially lost the will to blog.  Not that we haven't done anything interesting or blog-worthy...  I mean check out this incredibly exciting (and mostly previously Facebook mobiled) stuff:

Upon discovering the wall o' plasmas and recliners at Tobacco Road Sports Cafe (which is ironically enough non-smoking), I finally completed my metamorphosis into a boy.  By the by, in case anyone is actually worried, Jason totally busted me filing my nails during a period break and yelled "What are you doing??  There's no manicures in hockey!!"

Jason has been embroiled in a long-standing Golden Tee tournament/war/bet.  

I've also been doing a fair bit of reading al fresco.

And hanging out nekkid with Melanie and taking nekkid pictures.  We (and a couple of others) were wearing strapless tops that evening and thought it was beyond hilarious to take photos from the shoulders up all night, thus pretending we were nekkid.  "Hey!  We're nekkid at Mellow Mushroom!  Hey!  We're nekkid at The Point!"  Trust me.  If you were three beer buckets in, you would have thought it was funny too.  

Riveting, right? 

I know.  


But I've got a few things percolating for this week so hold tight...  Or at least wait till the end of the week before you delete me from your Google Reader.  Kthxbai!

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Ginger said...

Heather, I'm tellin' ya! You need to crawl inside a grill box! That'll get the blog juices flowing! Don't worry though, your faithful readers can and will tolerate the dry-spell.