Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That's so major

The past few days have gone something like this.

Me:  How can you not support your home team?
Jason:  I'm from Boston.  I was born into Red Sox Nation.
Me:  Yeah, but the Bulls aren't playing Boston.  They're playing Pawtucket.
Jason:  It's the Red Sox.
Me:  It's the PawSox.
Jason:  It's the same thing.
Me:  No it isn't.
Jason:  Yes it is.
Me:  No it isn't.
Jason: Yes it is.
Me:  No it isn't.

You may have guessed by now that the Durham Bulls were playing the Pawtucket Red Sox over the weekend.  We went to the Friday and Monday night games.

A Boston boy and his Carolina girl...

Even though we started out the game with a grand slam and two more runs on top of that, the PawSox came back and we were two runs down going into the 9th.  Rally cap time.  (Note:  Rally caps do not actually work.)  We were also totally surrounded by Sox fans.  Turns out, we were sitting in the middle of the Triangle Red Sox Nation group outing.

We went again on Monday night mainly because Clay Buchholz was pitching for the Sox and Jason wanted to see him.  This is the guy who, in 2007, pitched a no hitter for the BoSox (the 17th in Sox history) in only his second major league start.  Not a bad way to show up in the majors. 

The Bulls' dugout...

Our slugger, Ruggiano on deck.  He's the one responsible for Friday night's grand slam.

And the Bulls finally won on Monday night!!!  I'm so glad they broke that 8 game losing streak. 

And for your viewing pleasure, some lovely shots of the old Lucky Strike plant next to the DBAP (that would be Durham Bulls Athletic Park for those not proficient in solving obscure acronyms). 

As some may already know, Durham has a very long history as a tobacco town and most of the old tobacco warehouses and plants have been converted into residential condos and shopping/dining areas.  The Lucky Strike plant is no exception but the original smokestack and water tower are still there.  

I think the American Tobacco District is a perfect example of how to preserve the history of an area while giving the community a place to gather.  There's art galleries, outdoor concerts, great food, and sports - all right on top of each other.  Durham sometimes gets a bad rap but they boast several of the best restaurants in the Triangle and have really re-energized their downtown.  Just another reason I love living here...

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