Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who's the Big Boss, applesauce?

Since the Sanger siblings were all going to be in the same place over the weekend, we decided to hit up the Big Boss Brewery tour one more time.  

My favorite part of the tour was when I got recognized by a blog reader for the first time.  I got a tap on the shoulder and when I turned around, a guy asked me if I was Heather from Life in a Nutshell.  (Shout out to Peaches N Curry!)  He said they had some family in town and decided to bring them to the brewery because of my mention of it on here.  Well color me flattered!  I felt like a local celebrity.

After the tour, we made our way to the pub upstairs.  There are no photos of any of us because there's NO AIR CONDITIONING in the Big Boss warehouse or pub.  And of course it was about 150 degrees outside (Because this is June in the dirrty south and that's how we do.) which made it about 175 degrees inside.  This environment does not not lend itself to optimal portrait photography settings.  In English?  We was sweatin' it up something serious.


Sunday was Liam's baptism but everybody knows that after-the-baptism is the after-baptism-partay.  Liam was ready to get out of his fancy white suit and crank this thing up right.  "Hey, you.  You, in that fancy pastel getup.  That's a nice tie by the way.  But you know where I can score some cake?  I mean, I just pledged my soul to The Almighty.  That should get a kid some cake, am I right?"

There was tons of fun to be had with the leftover giftwrap from Liam's loot.  

Jason was not so amused.

My relaxing makeover courtesy of Katie...

And just in case you have lost your mind and forgotten how stinking cute Anna is, here's a wee reminder.  

She LOVES that cat.  

Based on the amount of viewable ceiling in this photo and the generally lopsided cabinet to ceiling ratio, I'm going out on a limb to say that it was taken by someone who is less than four feet tall.  My money's on Katie.  

And I'll leave you with two stories.  One about Anna and one about Katie.  

Anna's goes like this:  On the way to Raleigh on Saturday, while going 80 miles an hour on Interstate 40, Anna opened her car door.  And that is Anna in a nutshell.  Joe and Amy now have a new car with a very technologically advanced premium package locking system.

(EDIT:  After Jason read this post, he informed me that it sounded like I was saying that Anna opened her door and it got blown off the car, necessitating the need for a new car.  Though I'm sure it was pretty insane, it was not quite all that dramatic.)

Katie's is slightly less terrifying.  The other day, as she was shopping with Joe, she asked him what he was giving to the cashier.  He told her they were coupons and that coupons help you save money.  Her response?  "Oh!  Save money.  Live better.  Wal-Mart.  I've seen that on the Disney channel!"  (Nevermind the fact that she's never even set foot in a Wal-Mart and doesn't even watch very much tv.)


Ashely said...

I love it! A Jason sighting in the airport and a Heather sighting on the brewery tour! You guys will need body guards soon.

Peaches N Curry said...

Hi Heather,

Just wanted to properly say hello and apologize for missing you at the brewery last weekend. Thank you also for the nice note you left us and the shout out. Our readership spiked from 4 to multiple digits, so we were of course very excited. I've been a closet reader for longer than I care to admit, so it feels good to come clean and introduce myself.

Enjoyed your post about your adorable nieces. We've got 5 (!) nephews so makeovers never seem make the itinerary. Lucky you!