Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adventures in the great outdoors

And by "great outdoors", I of course mean my sister-in-law Jenny's backyard.  (What?  We're not neanderthals.)  And by "adventures", I of course mean Jason, Joe, Katie and Anna camping and me, Jenny and Amy going inside to watch Twilight (Yes, again.  Shut up.) once the 'smores were gone and then sleeping in very comfy beds.  

Some hot marshmallow action.  Ryan demonstrates proper roasting technique for Katie.  It's a very delicate procedure.

Ahh yes.  My my, I am attractive.

Well, it's cute when kids shove 'smores in their faces.

Jason brings out the adult goodies - Chimay.  I do love a beer that you have to pop like a champagne bottle.

The morning after, looking slightly worse for the wear.

Anna was so into pretending that we were hiding from bears and wolves.  Jenny and Ryan's dog Wrigley served as both so we kept a close eye out.

And that was the extent of my participation in the camping experiment.  Hey, if you need 'smores assembly - I'm here for you.  If you need someone to play pretend wilderness the next morning - I'm your girl.  But sleeping outside in North Carolina in July?  Umm, nothankyouverymuch.


Ginger said...

Hey Heather! It's Ginger from Atlanta. My cousin, Emily, and I are flying to LA on the 26th (first class - thankyouverymuch Frequent Flyer/Scorecard Rewards!). We're dying to hear all about your trip to CA and would love any shopping/dining/celebrity spotting tips you care to pass along. I love reading about all your adventures - from Bruges to the backyard. It's what I do everyday in an effort to avoid work.

Have a great trip!

Heather said...

Hey Ginger! Always good to hear from you :)

Unfortunately, I am of absolutely no help to you. I'm really a NoCal girl. I've never been to LA but this will be my third trip to San Fran and Napa/Sonoma. No I don't know a damn thing about LA. So sorry... But you girls enjoy your trip! We're flying biz class so a bit beneath you flossies in first. Don't think less of me please!

I'll think about you two in first class and be singing "Glamorous" by Fergie.

We flying the first class
Up in the sky
Poppin' champagne
Livin' the life
In the fast lane
And I won't change
By the Glamorous, oh the flossy flossy

Alice said...

This is my idea of roughing it! Love it...and I'm totally craving a s'more now!!