Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music to live and love by

Part two of our CA trip is coming soon but first, I had to let everyone know how my date with Jason Mraz went last night.  

Long story short, I'm in luuurrrrve and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm swell too.  How else can you explain him singing Butterfly (a veritable anthem of "Girl, get up on over here and gimme somma that.") to me?  Right?  Right???

Ahem.  Right.  Well.  Anyway...

Overall, the concert was awesome.  Highlights included the reggae version of The Remedy, the Gypsy MC/Curbside Prophet mashup with G. Love and K'naan and the cover of Lionel Richie's All Night Long.  Really, my only disappointment was that he didn't do The Dynamo of Volition. 

And I'm going to say this even though it makes me seem like one of "those people".  You know, the kind of people who don't like it when one of their favorite small venue type artists has a major hit and gets really popular?  

But I'm going to say it anyway.  I love the song I'm Yours.  Love it.  But a lot of people probably think this is a new song.  Well, it's not.  Jason has been performing this song for years at his live shows.  It had never appeared on any record and the only people who knew it were the ones who went to his concerts.  So, it felt kind of like something special that only we were in on.

Then came the summer of '08 and this song was the first single on the new album.  Personally, I was so happy to finally be able to listen to this song anytime I wanted instead of only being able to hear it live.  And of course I was happy for Jason's success.  But now, it kind of breaks my heart at the shows to see frat-brats in their backwards hats and popped collars raising their Bud Lites and cheering when this song starts.  Somehow that makes it a little less special.  And somehow that makes me a little sad.

Anyway, no matter.  That doesn't change the fact that his music simply makes my heart smile.  It puts my soul at ease.  It makes me want to be a better person.  And it makes me want to have little Mraz babies.

What?!?  Did I just say that out loud?!?!  Oops.  Sorry, Other Jason.  (Of the husband variety.)  I didn't mean it.  Yes, I did.  No, I didn't.  

(Yes, I did.)


Alice said...

I had never heard of Jason Mraz until I read about him on your blog and I think Andrea's blog. Then I heard his first single...and probably b/c I had read about him on both your blogs...I listened a little more closely. But I love that song, too. Makes me smile every time. And even though you have to share him now, maybe you can take a little comfort in the fact you introduced at least one of his newest fans to him. :)

Heather said...

Alice, I'm more than happy to share him with people like you! Honestly, that's one reason I talk about him so much on here - because I want more and more people to discover the joy of Mraz :)

My comment was really directed at the frat-brat types I called out. The ones who don't care about the message of the music... I'm sure you know the kind I'm talking about!

Ashely said...

Now, if I can ever stop working my butt of and actually get a chance to blog sometime, I might have to do a spill regarding the Gypsy MC/Curbside Prophet mashup with G. Love and K'naan. I would like to note that at this point in the evening I had mosied my way down to as far to the front as I could get dead center. Mind you, this location was in front of four 40something MO-Rons taking up about six acres sitting on their ten blankets. No wonder we couldn't get any closer. Mid-mashup, I get a tap on my arm and an 'excuse me, we're sitting and can't see.' Seriously. I can't type what managed to come outta my mouth next in a public domain. You will have to imagine. Let's just say, I didn't move.

Heather said...

Ashely, I don't blame you one bit! I would have probably said something like "This is not a Norah Jones concert. I suggest you stand the f*ck up."

Caitlin said...

I went to a show he did at my college years ago and I fell in love with him a little bit too. So cute and funny and talented. I'd want to have his babies too.