Monday, July 13, 2009

Play ball

Well, 'tis a very rainy and miserable day in Raleigh (Of course it is.  We just bought a brand new sprinkler system yesterday and watered the hell out of our yard for 4 hours.  F you, drought.) and the little one in my care is currently engrossed in a vTech game (and also singing Rhianna's Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh song over and over), thus affording me a few minutes to catch up on some well overdue blogging.

Surprise, surprise.  Another beautiful summer evening, another baseball game.  Does anyone else think beverage sizes have gotten out of control?  This is a MEDIUM Diet Coke.  MEDIUM, I tell you!

I was finally able to get my camera out quick enough after a home run (by Ruggiano - who else?) to catch the bull in action.  Glowing red eyes, smoke pouring out of the nostrils.  That bull is fierce!

It's becoming a habit for Jason to leave his seat in the 8th inning and come back with a bag of Cracker Jacks to share.  Of course, everybody knows the best part is opening the prize.  I always hope for a cool tat.

Even though the Gwinnett Braves got off to an early good start, the Bulls came back and won  8 to 3.  One of our runs was actually scored off a pretty bad error by a Braves outfielder.  I don't fully understand the rule under which this incident occurred...  It's sort of obscure since stuff like this rarely happens.  

Anyway, the outfielder was actually trying to be a nice guy and tossed the ball to some fans in the stands but the ball was still technically in play so the Bulls automatically advanced a base.  And therefore scored on the next play.  Err, whoops.  It would have been worse if we had only won by one run.  That outfielder would have been kicking himself even more.

Well, more to come this week before we take off for California next Saturday.  The vacay countdown is officially on.

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Peaches N Curry said...

That IS insane how large the drink cups are here! Even worse is seeing small children suck down all that soda...