Friday, August 07, 2009

I can haz mor wineriez?

Okay, okay.  I've waited long enough.  Tomorrow, we're headed to the beach for a week with the fam so expect a veritable shit-ton of adorable and hilarious pictures featuring the Nieces With the Pieces {trademark pending} and preshus bebeh Liam (What in the name of all holy rhymes with "nephew"???  Anything???)  upon our return.  

So before we leave, I decided I should post about my cousin's beautiful wedding - and, of course, the feather (!) which has raised a fair bit of intrigue amongst a couple of readers, even though I totally wrote a disclaimer saying it was very discreet.  I fear there will be disappointment in my avian-ish hair adornment.  Anyhoo, let's roll.  

The reception was at a winery that was set amongst a view that will, for a moment, trick you into thinking you're in Tuscany.  

What better spot for a first dance than with grape vines and rolling hills as your backdrop?  (I must say, Adam cleans up pretty well in his dress blues.)
Pictures on the Porch:  A Series

Jason and I

Me and my daddy

And with my mom and little brother Kyle

Well, I guess it really is true - you can dress him up but you can't take him out.  Here we have a glimpse of the Adam I have known since he was born when I was eight years old.  During the "removing of the garter", the UNC-Chapel Hill fight song was playing and no one knew why until he held it up.  Cherie was definitely a good sport to play along with wearing Adam's favorite college basketball team around her leg all day.

Now let's get this party started right.  We had to shove Kyle out onto the dance floor but ultimately, he was a gentleman and danced with his mom.  (Though he was cracking up the entire time.)




(Lest anyone think I actually got drunk at the wedding, I assure you that these were all posed and on purpose.  Well, except for that middle one with the feather (!)...  Billy Jean by MJ came on and I couldn't help myself.)


Alice said...

Love the feather, love the dress, love the shoes...just love it.

stepharoofoo22 said...

Funny you should be visit Sonoma County...I happen to live there lol.

Glad you had fun going all sorts of crazies!

Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

I want a bigger feather. That one was frankly too stylish and discreet. Next time think: Kylie, Showgirl Tour.