Monday, August 17, 2009

I only work to vacay and play

OMG people.  I have a lot of stuff to blog about.  A LOT.  We returned from a week at Ocean Isle on Saturday (think dance parties and crab hunting), went to a Durham Bulls game on Saturday night (think giant cans of Miller Light) and went to the Jimmy V. Celebrity Golf Classic yesterday (think Hooters giveaway tent and personal encounters with a couple of my favorite 'Canes players).  See?  A LOT.  

Which I will get right on just as soon as I catch up on all the DVR'd trash tv I recorded last week.  My hard drive is at 92% capacity and I have to make room for the deluge of quality programming headed my way starting tonight.  (Parenthetically speaking, though I miss So You Think You Can Dance, I do not miss the huge chunks of space it ate up on my DVR every week.)  (Furthermore, I have been warned by Jason that he is on the verge of losing it due to me blowing up the record function every night and therefore locking him out of recording anything ever and therefore I am not allowed to start any more new shows unless I give up something else.  So is it any coincidence that NYC Prep ended the very week before Project Runway was starting?  I think not.)  (And while I'm at it, holy crap.  I can't freaking wait for the hot mess that is Rachel Zoe to get going again next week on Bravo.  Sorry, Jason.  You lose.)

Don't judge me.  It's summer.  And what is summer for if not awful, mind-rotting television and going on holiday?


Peaches N Curry said...

Crab hunting at Ocean Isle? Was this just on the beach or you all went to some other spot? We are going there this weekend for 5 days, and we usually just chill at the house and beach, but this year we might want to try something different...

Heather said...

Yeah, just on the beach at night. We saw some pretty big ones! But know that when I say crab hunting, I just mean taking our nieces out on the beach with flashlights and sandbuckets. They just like to catch them and look at them and let them go.

Not like hunting them for dinner :)