Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'll trade you a golf club for your hockey stick

I'm starting out slow.  The beach trip will be a bear of a post and I really just can't face that at the moment.  So I'm working my way backwards, starting with the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic on Sunday.  To be honest, we went mainly to see some of our Hurricanes players (you're shocked, I'm sure) but it was a generally good time either way.  It's a fun, lighthearted event that supports a great cause - The V Foundation for Cancer Research.

I loved the Hush Y'all signs they held up (in lieu of the regular boring old "Quiet" ones they use at real golf matches).  I really wanted one but I figured it probably wasn't kosher to steal something from a cancer research benefit.  See, I do have a moral compass.

To the far left is the 'Canes captain Rod Brind'Amour.

And one of my very favorite players, Chad LaRose. 

Chad is known as the team jokester so it was no surprise when he had something to say about the free Hooters boxer shorts I was carrying.  You know me; class all the way.

Though you can't quite make it out, I'm showing off my free Hooters Jimmy V Golf Classic 2009 commemorative pin!  What was that I was just saying about class?  Oh yes, I remember.  Klass: I haz it.

Apparently, Jason haz it too.  I mean, he's wearing a koozie on his wrist.  If that's not klass, I don't know what it is.  (I'm telling you guys, those Hooters girls were just throwing shit at us!)

So we had found a great spot by one of the greens and set up our chairs.  One of our favorite players, Erik Cole, was scheduled to come through there pretty soon and after a bit, he did.   After Erik took his putt, he walked across the green to where we were sitting (we were the only two people there at the time) and just started making conversation. Talking a bit of golf with Jason, etc... Then, because he's from upstate NY - and therefore a Yankees fan - he started teasing me about my Red Sox hat so we traded some Sox/Yanks smack talk.  All I could think the whole time was "OMG, I'm engaging in witty sports-related reparte with one of my favorite 'Canes.  This is so top five."

He was just so nice and friendly and didn't act at all like he thought it was his "duty" to come hang out with with us for a few minutes. He could have easily just stayed over by his golf partners.  But he didn't - even though we weren't wearing any Hurricanes gear and he had no idea if we were fans or not.  Just one more reason I love being a Caniac. 

Notice he's attempting to cover up the B on my hat?  Cheeky. 

Some other highlights of the day included:

Watching Stuart Scott (from ESPN) take off on one of the security guys' bikes and just start riding it all over the 9th fairway.

Getting a "Go Sox!" (because of my hat, obvs) from some guy riding by on a golf cart and later finding out that he used to play for the Celtics.  

Seeing that Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell has put on no small measure of weight.  (Perhaps that's less of a highlight and moreso a mere observation.)


Alice said...

I'm most jealous you got to see Mr. Belding. And I'm not joking.

Peaches N Curry said...

That "Hush Y'all" sign is awesome!

AnnaPJ said...

Glad you came out and enjoyed the event! The Canes are always good sports when it comes to the "V!" Hope to see you guys out again next year!