Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive

Things are progressing quite well here at the international Sanger Corporate Headquarters .

On his lunch break Monday, the CEO found a huge Carrefour hypermarket near his office and purchased some accessories pour notre chambre. Out out damn pancakes!

This morning a workman came by to assess the bathroom plug situation. Which was super fun for me considering he spoke no English and my French doesn't yet extend much past bonjour/soire/nuit, merci, oui, non, and crepe. But I managed to get my point across with wild hand gestures and a series of grunts and clicks. Et viola!

And thanks to a co-worker of Jason's for tipping us off, we are now the proud owners of a piece of life-changing technology: the Airport Express. It magically turns ethernet into wi-fi! Poof! And just like that, the chains that tethered me to the desk (or within 6 feet of the desk) shattered and turned to dust.

So last night we propped ourselves up on our fluffy marshmallow pillows in bed and watched Glee online. God bless us every one.

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bethmorrissey said...

I love a good happy ending.