Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Head. Spinning.

So. Where shall I begin? Remember that time I was all "Hey! I'm moving to Belgium for three months!" Well...

Hey! I'm going to stay in Belgium for six months!

I found this out on a Thursday, realized I needed to get back to Raleigh to start the visa process on Friday, booked my flight last Monday and flew home to NC on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I've sent my birth and marriage certificates to god-only-knows-where to get certified by apostille (whatever the hell that means), been fingerprinted and requested a rap sheet from the FBI. Not to mention the medical exam I have to undergo when I get back to Brussels. Apparently, Belgium is not messing around when it comes to visas. England was all "You guys have passports? Okay. One of you two got a job? Alright. Come on over."

And me? Well I'm kind of torn on how I feel about all this. Part of me thinks "Yay! Travel!" and another part of me thinks "I'm kind of tired of this rootless existence and I miss Raleigh."

But, I'm certainly enjoying the opportunity this whole change of plans has afforded me in coming back home. I've shopped my heart out. Jason and I got to make use of our season tickets and go to the Hurricanes season opener. We got to go to the U2 concert which, frankly, ranks pretty damn high on my list of life experiences. We got to see preshus bebeh Liam and the younger half of the Nieces With the Pieces. I'm going to another hockey game tonight with Jason's little sister (since he had to fly up to Philly for work). I've had Chick-Fil-A, Bojangle's and Jersey Mike's to eat and I've drank enough sweet iced tea to fill a bathtub.

Clearly, I'm making the most of my time here.


Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

Hurry on back, missy. We have some travel planning to do. I'm thinking reindeer urine, I'm thinking mobile phones... Finland anyone?

Peaches N Curry said...

That is awesome! How you are soaking up all of the NC before you leave...
That's neat you were here for the season opener, we were actually saying how it's too bad you guys would miss it and that I'll miss the hockey posts for about 3 months. Now make it 6. Your reviews are a helluva lot better than wral's!


ps- do you think after this stint you guys will done with living aboard? Or with Jason's work you guys just don't know?

adventuresofterra said...

I've been reading your blog since I moved to Poland last year (I'm an expat wife from Ohio) and the soaking up NC had me cracking up! I do the same thing when I'm home. I just got off a Mexican food bender :)

Heather said...

Well, it's really up to us. They're not "transferring" us. It's more of situation where an opportunity comes up and we say we're game for it. So, who knows? See what I mean about "rootless"?? :-)

Sara said...

I know you guys will have a blast! Why not do it while you can?? I bet the holidays in Europe are great too, we are headed to London for X-mas and New Years! I hope all the visa stuff does not make you want to pull you hair out.. I almost did! ha
Enjoy Raleigh!!