Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Live every week like it's shark week

Here we are, a few weeks post-Champagne. And is the trip that keeps on giving. We bought quite a lot of champagne on the trip. None of which we can take back to the US when we leave here. (Well, short of what we could pack in our checked luggage but I doubt very seriously that highly pressurized, sugared, fermented grape juice and cashmere would mix well.)

So, we are tasked with the Very Important Job of making sure all the champagne in the flat gets consumed before we depart. If there's one thing this has taught me, it's not to overlook life's small victories. Celebrate not just holidays and anniversaries:

Hey! Congratulations! You made it home from work today! Let's celebrate! *pop*

Hey! We made soup for dinner! Let's celebrate! *pop*

Hey! I ordered a Coke Light today and they put more than one cube of ice in the glass! Let's celebrate! *pop*

Hey! You remembered to hang up your coat! Let's celebrate! *pop*

Hey! I did two loads of laundry today! Let's celebrate! *pop*

Hey! My iPhone is fully charged! Let's celebrate! *pop*

Hey! Your iPhone is fully charged! Let's celebrate! *pop*

You get the idea.

Moving forward... This past weekend was a bank holiday here in Belgium, which means that we got to drag out our weekend trip one extra day. It was a doozy. Where else can you visit two countries in one day? (And drive through a third on your way between the two.) Stick around for the exciting conclusion...

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MrsBlueberry said...

This life strategy sounds familiar to me, except usually for us it's Hey, the baby's asleep! Let's Celebrate...pop!