Monday, December 07, 2009

Bite me

Well, having just returned from our first German Christmas Market experience of this season, I'm now off to Dublin for a few days to visit Mr. and Ms. Morrissey. And the day after I return from Dublin, Jason and I are headed to yet another Christmas Market in Dusseldorf. But I wanted to squeeze in one last catch up post before I go AWOL... As promised - a date with Edward Cullen.

My sisters-in-law and I all read the Twilight series together last spring. (Well, I won't name names but one of them has some attention span issues and couldn't get through the virtually Edward-less New Moon so she has no idea how the whole thing ends.) We were a little late to the game and only finished Twilight right before the DVD came out in March. (You may remember our viewing party.)

Well, by the time the movie was over, Jenny was already planning New Moon Day. As in, a sun-up to sun-down girly day centering around going to see New Moon in the theatre on November 21. Yes, we know it officially opened at midnight on the 19th, but we have limits. And pre-teen girls going apeshit every single time Edward or Jacob appeared on screen is well outside those limits.

When Jason and I found out we would be moving to Brussels for a few months, Jenny's immediate reaction was "What about New Moon Day?!? You'll be back for that, right?!?" At that point, I doubted it very much so they found someone to take my ticket and I resigned myself to the fact that I would miss out on this sisterly bonding experience.

Cut to early November. We have a deal on our house. Closing scheduled for November 23. The wheels in my brain start to turn. I email Jenny to let her know the good news and get myself a ticket on Fandango. In return, I receive an hour-by-hour itinerary of the days activities. (Jenny is very organized like that.)

First up is the 10:00 am Twi-brunch. We meet at Jenny's for some delicious noms, Twi-rivia and a Twi-viewing.

My contribution to the festivities were the specialty cocktails: Bella-linis and Bloody Edwards. The first being your basic bellini mixture of peach juice and champagne and the latter a more experimental concoction of fruit punch and champagne. It was tasty! Even though it was supposed to be more red and less pink... (I wanted to do Blood Orange Mimosas but would you believe they don't sell blood orange juice?)

Jenny went all out for this and had her family room plastered in Twilight posters and paraphernalia. This isn't even the half of it:

And then, there was the main attraction - a life-size Edward cut out. From left: Jennifer (Eri's roommate who's practically a Sanger by now), Amy, Edward, Jenny, Erica, me.

Then we were off to the theatre to get our place in the queue. We were totally first in line, a fact of which I'm conflicted as to whether - as a 32 year old married woman - I should feel proud or ashamed...

The rest of the day went something like this:
  • Start watching New Moon
  • Gasp with excitement the moment Edward first shows his tortured face
  • Place hand over heart and/or grab a fellow sister's arm during any subsequent moment when Edward's gorgeous mug shows up
  • Laugh at the women/girls who squeal when Jacob takes off his shirt
  • Finish watching New Moon
  • Chatter about how beautiful Edward is
  • Massages
  • Gush about how gorgeous Edward is
  • Sushi and drinks at Sono
  • Much discussion about Edward, Edward and Edward
  • Determine that Amy, Jenny and I are definitely veering into cougar territory
  • Anticipate when Eclipse will be released
  • Back to Jenny's house
  • Call husbands and apologize for mind-cheating all day
  • Sleep
  • Dream of Edward
  • Wake up and pass around the December issue of Vanity Fair
  • More discussion on the beauty of R. Patz/Edward
  • Wash, rinse, repeat...


Ryan and Jenny said...

I love it! I don't care where you and Jason are living you have to come back for our "Eclipse Day". It wouldn't be the same without you!! I already have a few ideas on how to top our "New Moon Day".
Get Excited!!

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LindsaySarah said...

I love the fact that you are so blatantly Team Edward. You should have tee-shirts ;)