Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bring it on down to turkey-villlllllle*

Before I get too deep into this Christmas business, I'm going to back it up a little and break this thing down turkey-style. Although I was in the throes of packing to head back to Brussels and finishing my last minute errands, I was able to enjoy a wonderful last-minute Thanksgiving, courtesy of Jenny and Ryan.

Wednesday was prep day. Ryan (who is, by the way, professionally trained in the culinary arts) did most all of the work on the food portion of the meal. The very least I could do was provide some wine to get us all through the waning hours of prep day. And since Jenny and Ryan have been accepting and storing all our wine club shipments for us while we're away, it required nothing more than a walk downstairs to pick out a bottle.

So Ryan slaved away in the kitchen while Jenny and I focused on the aesthetics. Jenny is a master of tablescapes.

I merely carry out her vision as best I can. (She's a slave driver.)

On Turkey Day, I came over early to 1) Eat some damn quiche; 2) Drink some damn mimosas; 3) Watch the Macy's parade; and most importantly 4) Keep Liam occupied.

Which was none too easy since that kid is on the verge of walking like a champ. He's already the fastest baby on hands and knees I think I've ever seen so I can't imagine what it'll be like when he truly masters the whole "upright on two legs" thing.

The finished table...

Jenny and I toasting a job well done. (I mean, we only broke one of those hanging glass balls and only sucked up half the spool of fishing line used to hang them into the vacuum when we tried to clean it up. Not bad!)

The hostess with the mostess.

Me and Jason's other sister, Erica.

Unfortunately, it's hard to make out here but the placecards Jenny and I made had a leaf on them that looked exactly like the earrings I was wearing - same size and everything.

A slightly better angle but still not optimal for leaf viewing purposes.

Planning a sneak attack on the mashed potatoes.

The Big L's first Thanksgiving was a huge success. Of course, he had to be hosed down afterwards, but he says it was worth it.

*P.S. If anyone can tell me the origin of the inspiration for the post title, we can be BFF. If we are already BFF, I'll think of a better prize.


Alice said...

How sweet...the table looks gorgeous!

Heather said...

Alice honey, I think you win commenter of the week! You've been on it every day :)

Beth said...

Love those earrings. Looks like it was a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Sara said...

I have no idea about the title.. it made me get " take me down to Funky Town" in my head...

I am sure that is NOT even close! haha

andrea said...

Love the pictures! And how big is Liam? He is adorable?

And of course this is a JT/SNL reference, no? Love me some JT!

Heather said...

Andrea's the big winner!! I knew a fellow pop culture addict would get it ;)

Veronica Mers said...


Ryan and Jenny said...

I had forgotten about the fishing line incident..that was insane!