Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday hoop-la

Holy cats. It's been quite a holiday over here.

Our family has been torn apart by a Wii. (And my decision to remain childless has been confirmed by a very immature Jason terrorizing Katie on Mario Kart.)

Our only nephew turned a year old. (And is officially hell on two feet now that he's walking proper.)

I've single-handedly ensured a banner Q4 for Gap, Inc. with my exploits at Banana Republic. (And I'm preparing my mission to kick off Q1 with just as much gusto.)

We've experienced nothing but extreme lows at the Hurricanes home games. (And extreme highs when they put a shellacking on the so-called 2nd best team in the country, the Crapitals.)

The Sanger Girls Pajama Club got back to our annual Cry Till You Look Like Rocky movie night after a sickness-imposed hiatus last year. (And truly outdid ourselves this year, amassing a pile of tissues the likes of which Kleenex Corporation would be very proud, indeed.)

I've played animal show [line up all the stuffed animals and sing into a remote control about how they're getting ready to perform all their tricks], zoo vet [wrap tissues around various broken or wounded extremities and lay the animals in the bed/recovery center], polly pockets, Barbies, and more rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippo than I can count. (And have never been happier to do so.)

And I'm not even going to talk about all the food. (And I'm avoiding mirrors until March.)

See you next year!

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andrea said...

We too had the Wii invade our lives. Substitute trains for barbies and skip bo for hungry hungry hippo (which was also played) and we had very similar holidays!

Happy New Year!