Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ladies of Leisure

In a big ol' F you to the environment, I worked on increasing my carbon footprint by seeing how many trips I could possibly take in a week's time.

Dresden - check.

Dublin - on it.

Dusseldorf - comin' right up.

I was very excited to spend a few relaxing days with the Morrisseys...and, I'll see fair Dublin with her halls all decked and whatnot. Beth and I shopped, lunched at the Harvey Nichols cafe, took in an excellent movie at the cinema, had tea and pastries by the fireplace at The Merrion, strolled, chatted, lounged, and pretty much hot chocolated ourselves into a sugar coma. It was glorious. And so were the holiday decorations...

{Grafton Street lights}

{Benetton's sweater tree}

{The Merrion's two-story giant tree}

The only downside of the trip was that I managed to develop the worst head cold I think I've ever had. I chugged Lemsip like it was my job, but to no avail. On Thursday, the take off and landing portions of the plane ride back to Brussels very nearly ruptured my brains, eardrums and eye sockets. On Friday, I woke up dead.

I might be exaggerating about that last part.

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Alice said...

Gorgeous trees! Hope you get better in time for Christmas!!